‘Pokemon Go’ tips and tricks: How to beat Nidoking

This guide will help you to answer how you can defeat the Poison-type Pokemon called Nidoking in Pokemon Go.

A lot of players have shown their distress to defeat this Pokemon because the moves and powersets are confusing at times. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to defeat Nidoking in Pokemon Go, then this is the right article.

A lot of players would love to wish for different ways through which they can defeat this Pokemon. Here, players can learn about the movesets of Nidoking and how to defeat it easily.

Who is ‘Nidoking’?

Nidoking is mostly a Poison and a Ground-type Pokemon. It is most vulnerable to the Water, Ground, Ice, and Psychic-type of moves. Nidoking is one of the strongest Pokemon in the series and is hard for players to defeat at the first chance.

The best movesets of Nidoking are the Poison Jab and Earthquake. The max CP of Nidoking is around 2567. Nidoking looks like a well-built Pokemon with a thick tail dangling on the back of it.

It packs enough destructive power which can defeat any Pokemon battling against it. With the power that Nidoking has, it can topple a metal transmission tower as well.

With one swing, Nidoking becomes one of the best, which can send any of its competitors flying high up in the sky.

One of the best things about Nidoking is that once this Pokemon goes out on a rampage, there is no stopping it. It is really important for every player to critically understand the powersets of Nidoking and the counterattacks it produces.

How to defeat Nidoking

To defeat Nidoking, you need to take advantage of its weakness. The first weakness that it has is to be attacked from Psychic or Ice, Water-type of moves.

Choose a rival with equal or higher CP than that of the Nidoking, which you are choosing out for a battle.

If your CP advantage is high enough, the next steps which are going to happen will be important in the battle.

Nidoking can have up to a maximum of 2386 CP. Players can use Bulbasaur to defeat Nidoking in Pokemon Go.

All players need to do is to create a counterattack move from Bulbasaur as the Pokemon uses about 65% of water attacks during its battles. It will cause damage to Nidoking, and then you can change to Squirtle and then use it against it. This is all you need to do to defeat Nidoking.


Image courtesy of Nirth/YouTube 

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