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‘Pokemon GO’ tips and tricks: Is Shadow Zapdos worth using?


Shadow Pokemons always have their pros and cons compared to their original forms and with the other Pokemons on the list.

Zapdos is one of the most popular Pokemon in this game. The only issue with Standard Zapdos is that this Pokemon is terrific in its own right.

Shadow Pokemon might deal twice the damage, but they can take twice as much compared to others from the list. This makes choosing every Shadow Pokemon a gamble for players, and it is essential for someone to consider before selecting any such.

So if players want to choose the Shadow Zapdos, here is a complete breakdown of the Pokemon is worth the addition or not.

Is it worth choosing this Pokemon?

One thing that players need to take care of is that Zapdos is a terrifying offensive presence in the Shadow form.

Normal Zapdos already has 253 Attacks, and there are only about 17 Pokemons in the game who are more powerful than this. With that, if players use Normal Zapdos for the game, then they will be likely to impart more damage and likely to end the opponent’s Pokemon in just a few seconds.

During the trade-off, players can notice that Zapdos becomes a glass cannon. One of the best things about this Pokemon is that it has a cooldown of 3.7 seconds.

It means that when you use this Pokemon, Zapdos can be and stay vulnerable for an extended period. Fortunately, Thunder Shock into Thunderbolt does not do much damage.

How can these Pokemon help you?

You can use Zapdos, and then you can defeat any other opponent who challenges you with the help of this Pokemon. Using Zapdos and challenging any other Pokemon is a massive deal as it helps you win any fight you are choosing to.

Having a team filled with Water-type Pokemon like Kyogre or Blastoise will help you take bull attacks from others.

So, in the end, it is a confirmation that having Shadow Zapdos on your team is a huge positive as this Pokemon is one of the most powerful ones in the league and can help players to win as quickly as they want over time.

As Pokemon Go has progressed, the developers and Niantics have let players add 400+ friends to their friend list to give off the referral codes to others and win benefits and extra XP, Stardust that might be essential to win matches and evolve Pokemons.

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