‘Pokemon Go’ update: Niantic reveals new rewards and other events in July


Niantic has revealed what’s in store for the players this July. The new quests and rewards look more promising than the previous month.

Pokemon Go somehow keeps getting better even after the game encountered its biggest challenge since it was released. This July, Niantic has a lot of events and rewards planned to keep their fan base happy.

The Pokemon Go Fest will be taking a slightly different approach for this year, thanks to the pandemic, but it will still be an amazing event.

However, this event will come later this month but there are still a few minor events to keep players busy. The Field Research, Breakthrough rewards, and more are the backbone of the game.

Research Breakthrough

Last month, players had the chance to encounter Trapinch after finishing field research breakthrough challenges. For July, the featured Pokemon for this challenge will be Larvitar, the Rock Skin Pokemon.

Beginning July 1, 2020, at 1:00 PM local time, the pocket monster will be available as a research breakthrough encounter. Players will have the chance to catch the featured pocket monster until August 1, 2020. Players can also encounter their shiny form if they are lucky.

July 2020 Spotlight hours

For the next several weeks, Pokemon Go’s Spotlight hours will be taking place every Tuesday at 6:00 PM and will feature one special pocket monster and a bonus item.

Here’s the schedule for July’s Spotlight hours and the corresponding rewards:

    • Taillow: July 7, 2020 – earn 2x candy when transferring Pokemon
    • Zubat: July 14, 2020 – earn 2x XP when evolving Pokemon
    • Oddish: July 21, 2020 – earn 2x Stardust when catching Pokemon
    • Buizel: July 28, 2020 – earn 2x XP when catching Pokemon

Kyurem in Raids

The third and last member of the Unova TaoTrio will be making its debut in Pokemon Go. Kyurem will be invading five-star raid battles beginning on June 7.

Called as the Boundary pocket monster, Kyurem is a mythical creature that unlocks the full power of Zekrom and Reshiram. Aside from its usual appearance at five-star raids, Kyurem will have additional Raid Hours every Wednesday at 6 PM local time.

This means the Legendary pocket monster will be in raid battles alongside 2020’s Pokemon Go Fest weekly tasks to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary.

Compared to other Legendaries, Kyurem doesn’t hit that hard. However, it does have a unique skill set such as Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, and its signature move Glaciate.

Niantic advises players who want to add Kyurem in their Pokemon Go roster will need Steel and Fighting types to deal with this powerful creature.

Featured image courtesy of Dexerto/YouTube Screenshot

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