‘Pokemon GO’s next major event will center around Bidoof

Bidoof will star in Pokemon GO's next major event

A new major event is about to take place in Pokemon GO and it will revolve around the Pokemon, Bidoof.

The Season of Discovery has finally come to Pokemon GO when it officially rolled out earlier this month. This meant the introduction of welcome features such as Raid Bosses, appearances of fresh Pokemon, and a new Mega Raid system. The latter makes an outstanding entrance as a totally new feature in the game. It involves the rotation of a single Mega Pokemon during a Mega Raid.

Coming alongside the rollout of the new season are also events that are staples to the game. So far, there had been two—the Gible Community Day and A Very Slow Discovery event. The former was marked by the massive appearances of Gible in the wild and other areas of the game. The latter revolves around literal slow Pokemons, like Slowpoke, its evolutions and variants, and the Mega form of Slowbro. Both were successful events that gave fans joy with the game.

Bidoof Breakout Event

Making its way as another entry into the season’s list of events is the up-and-coming Bidoof Breakout Event. As the name implies, the occasion will gravitate towards the abundant presence of multiple Bidoofs throughout the entirety of the event. This meant that beginning 10AM on June 25th until 8PM on July 1st, the game will see an over proliferation of said Pokemon in the wild, Raid battles, and special encounters.

Like previous Pokemon-oriented events, the Bidoof’s would also entail the probable appearance of a shiny variant. Essentially, this will make encounters with Bidoof after Bidoof more interesting rather than boring and tedious and what will drive players to go through it. This alone is exciting, but what is more, is also the possibility of encountering a Bidoof with a skill uncommon to its kind. Imagine a Bidoof version of a Pikachu with a surf skill for allusion.

Mark Your Calendars

Players, however, will want to mark the following dates for their special significance. Particularly, in giving the chance to catch a Bidoof with a peculiar skill:

  • June 25: Bidoof with Shadow Ball skill
  • June 27: Bidoof with Thunderbolt skill
  • June 29: Bidoof with Ice Beam skill

Alternatively, to those who would miss out on said dates, players can just use a Charged TM to teach a specific skill. This option is even extended from the actual event itself as Elite Charged TMs would do the same.

Meanwhile, players would also want to take advantage of the gradually increasing EXP boost throughout the event.

Image used courtesy of The Official Pokémon YouTube channel/YouTube Screenshot

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