Pokemon Home “June update” is now live, comes with some Pokemon giveaways

Pokemon Home video guide snapshot

A massive June update for Pokemon Home is now officially live. To celebrate the momentous occasion, The Pokemon Company is giving away two pocket monsters in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

The developers behind Pokemon Home have been hard at work recently in preparation for the June update. Now that it’s alive and kicking, the mobile application is seeing some few but major changes.

New Features

One is the Catch Calendar, which allows users to sort their roster according to the date of capture. Alternatively, players may also categorize the organization according to specific dates or special occasion. For instance, the user can specify on birthday and an arrangement will take place depicting monsters caught on that particular date.

The change, while seemingly trivial, has its importance in keeping date as a crucial element of the Pokemon’s capture. Like, the time when the player gets his first Pokemon or even his initial Legendary.

Another major feature that comes with the update is the ability to view Pokemon on various angles. Which, according to The Pokemon Company, allows you to “get a better look at your Pokemon partners”. Importantly, the company also claims of the feature giving players insight into “details that you didn’t see before”.

Lastly, there is also the addition of new avatar icons that users can select from and best represent themselves with.

Free Pokemon

To celebrate the event, Bulbasaur and Squirtle become free to claim to anyone who updates their Pokemon Home app to version 1.4.0. Once the application is up-to-date, a notification will pop up indicating the Mystery Gifts giveaway. Getting the free Pokemon from there merely involves running the app.

Non-Pokemon Home users need not have to fret about the freebies, however. Having to own a copy of either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield also entitles them for a similar free distribution. Claiming the offer is only as simple as fetching the two Pokemon online via the Mystery Gift menu.

Pokemon Sword & Shield users would not want to miss out on the free bounty as the freebies in question are special. Particularly, by each being capable of their own respective Gigantamax transformation after reaching their ultimate forms, namely Venusaur and Blastoise.

Pokemon Roadmap

While fans will be pre-occupying themselves with their cute Pokemon in Pokemon S&S, a few Pokemon-related projects are in the works. Specifically, the classic DS remakes, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which are set for release on November 19. In addition, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is also in development, which promises a different adventure, even for veteran players.

Meanwhile, MOBA title Pokemon Unite will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on July 2021.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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