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‘Pokemon Home’ Version 1.2.0 update addresses a nagging GTS problem


After years of hassling users for years, Pokemon Home has finally rectified a glaring problem with the Global Trade System since it first introduced. The problem specifically concerns certain players setting impossible-to-fulfill conditions when setting up a trade—a feature that Game Freak seemed to be overlooking for months.

The latest update, version 1.2.0, successfully rolled out after a scheduled downtime.

Adjustments for Isle of Armor Contents

In addition, the update also caters to the change imposed by the recently-released Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, Isle of Armor. The alteration being the newly-added list of Pokemon that are endemic in the expanded map of the DLC.

As per the patch’s changelog, the update now prevents users from setting conditions that are not possible to carry out. This means that the pranking days of some users who pull out ridiculous parameter is now over.

Such as when one user asks for a starting Pokemon on its third evolution stage at a ridiculously low level. Experienced players would easily spot the red flag in the trade. Even if there’s a workaround to it, the output is not going to be coming from a legitimate source. Which is a kind of taboo in platforms like Pokemon Home?

Trolls Gotta Troll

The reason why individuals would choose to troll others in the platform is varied, like showing off a very rare shiny Pokemon for bragging rights without the intent for trade or simply to mess with everyone else. Regardless of the cause, all it does is make some unwanted annoyance to those who are serious about trading.

Beyond expanding Pokemon Home’s list of identifiable Pokemon and the long-wanted glitch fix, the update also comes with other changes. One most ostensive of such changes is the improvement in the Pokemon Box labeling. Everything else is trivial enhancements that even the changelog did not bother to list explicitly.

Isle of Armor Update

Coincidentally, the release of Isle of Armor DLC, eerily version 1.2.0 as well, introduced a slew of improvements to Sword and Shield.

The addition of a new map and Pokemon make for an obvious change. But there’s also the technical aspect with the update—one primarily concerning the game’s PVP play, which was susceptible to arbitrary invalidation in its battle results.

Lastly, from the usual four digits, link codes are now extended to eight arising from the update.

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