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‘Pokemon Journeys’ premieres on Netflix this June


Netflix will be the sole streamer in the United States to broadcast the new Pokemon series starting this June.

After spending years trying to become the new home for family entertainment, it looks likes Netflix has done it this time.

The streaming giant has invested billions in producing original content and licensing famous series from family-oriented companies such as Dreamworks and Nickelodeon.

Now, Netflix has bagged a new exclusive deal which makes all the upcoming episodes of Pokemon limited to its streaming platform in the United States.

Looking at the deal

This new deal means that all the future episodes of Pokemon Journeys: The Series will be ready to stream on Netflix this coming June. The anime series is the 23rd season of the popular Pokemon franchise.

The first 12 episodes of the anime will be uploaded by June 12. According to Netflix, future episodes will be added to the streaming app every quarter for the rest of the season.

The Pokemon Company has struck other contracts with other broadcasters around the world. However, in the United States, Pokemon can only be exclusively streamed on Netflix.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series was first introduced in Japan last November.

Pokemon Journeys plot revealed

The anime follows Ash and his Pokemon partner Pikachu. The duo will travel to attend the opening of the Cerise Laboratory, The laboratory is a research facility dedicated to studying every Pokemon.

Here, Ash will meet a boy named Goh, who shares the same passion in unraveling the mysteries of Pokemon. Both become ecstatic when Professor Cerise designated them her research assistants.

As Ash sets his eyes again to becoming the greatest Pokemon Master and Goh joins him in a mythical adventure to catch every Pokemon on the surface of the planet. This begins their epic journey full of excitement and adventure as they explore the vast world of Pokemon.

The Netflix deal

Pokemon is among the top franchises and is regarded as one of the most popular anime series ever produced. These are areas which has convinced Netlfix to seal the deal.

Melissa Cobb, Netflix’s VP for kids and family content stated that animation is a key factor in the business. She also confirmed that Netflix spent over $1 billion on animation for this year alone.

More than 65% of Netflix viewers watch kids and family content which the company sees as a potential successful sector. Netflix partnered with the Pokemon Company in beliefs that they would be a huge part of their success.

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