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‘Pokemon Journeys’ to feature Gary Oak’s return, appearance of several old, new characters


Pokemon Journeys’ next episodes will be exciting with the return of a significant character. A new arc is about to begin and will feature the comeback of Gary Oak.

The anime series drops a new trailer, teasing what will happen in Pokemon Journeys this week. By the looks of it, several characters, old and new, are about to appear.

The return of Gary and other major details

According to Comicbook, it has been a while since fans last saw Gary in the series, so his return surprise many.

He was last seen in Pokemon the Series: Black and White, though he also appeared in the fantasy sequence.

His last notable role was in Pokemon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, so it took him a long while before he returned to the franchise.

Gary’s fame began when he was still training to become a professor under Professor Rowan’s wings.

He did a lot of research missions back then, which helped him to see Ash in a better light.

They were no longer at each other’s throats this time, so would they become allies in Pokemon Journeys?

Gary is about to join the series’ new arc, helping Goh figure out where Mew may be hiding.

The professor’s laboratory

It can’t be denied that Pokemon Journeys has been taking fans on an incredible journey after Ash and Goh take Lugia for a ride.

It also features Mewtwo, working together to catch the Legendary Eternatus, per GameRant.

Now, in addition to its many epic adventures, they will be going to Gary’s laboratory. Here, they will be facing more familiar faces and Ash’s old Pokemon.

The new episode’s trailer reveals a new group, called Project Mew, showing Ash and Goh wearing Dynamax Adventures.

They will be exploring Tundra, as it also shows Gar, Iris, some of his old Pokemon, and a bunch of Legendary monsters.

This particular episode seems to draw inspiration from Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC’s Dynamax Adventures.

In addition, the franchise’s new and info website, Serebii, teases a new episode that will introduce new trainers, Tsurugi and Asahi.

These two are said to be part of the new group Project Mew, which is looking for the Legendary Pokemon.

Ash and Goh will join this team with Oak’s help as they search for recruits.

Ash will also be seen reunited with his old Pokemons, like Charizard, Bayleef, Noivern, and a lot more.

A lot is about to happen in Pokemon Journeys that fans need to see.

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