‘Pokemon Masters’ gets name change, events for upcoming first anniversary

Pokemon Masters EX announcement snapshot

In celebration of its first year since launch, Pokemon-based mobile title, Pokemon Masters, is undergoing a name change to Pokemon Masters EX. Complementing the update on the label is a corresponding new logo as well as a slew of events that await trainers in the coming week.

Pokemon Masters EX officially starts on August 27, 2020, a day early than the game’s original launch date.

A Successful Launch

Pokemon Masters was an exciting take on mobile, which, while following the success of Pokemon GO, has a unique take on gameplay. Unlike its older sibling that found achievement in the novelty of its approach, Masters take root in the franchise’s tried-and-true formula.

While its 3-on-3 battles make for the core of its gameplay, the story also plays an important role in Pokemon Masters. Giving players access to the lore revolving around each character and the relationships they have with others.

Drawing from a popularity that was years in the making and an ever-growing fan base, the launch of Masters was stellar. But is hardly buttery smooth considering the issues that arose due to overwhelming player volumes. An issue further complicated by the dubious nature of its gacha mechanics, which did not appeal to certain audiences.

Although the experience is one to leave a first impression, the developers are hard at work at resolving issues at the start. This results to a more collaborative relationship between the game’s maker and the massive player base. Through this effort, the game sees subsequent improvement, making it significant a more fun place than how it started.

Stable Improvements

The game has indeed seen many changes along the way. But one of the best features to ever debut the game is the Sygna Suit characters, rare pulls from the game’s gacha mechanics. Being uncommon, the value of the Sygna Suit variations boils down to seeing an otherwise familiar Trainer in a new, fancy suit. That and pairing the fresh-looking figure with a powerful Pokemon.

Drawing from the appeal of the Sygna Suit system, the advent of the one-year celebration will see Cynthia as part of the draw. Not only will this popular Trainer be looking uniquely fancier than ever, but also comes in pair with a Kommo-o.

Complementing Cynthia is yet another trainer with Team Galatic’s leader, Cyrus, and the legendary Pokemon, Palkia. Yet, whose exciting presence is made more enthralling by knowing that the pair can be unlocked as an additional sync pair.

One need not have to wait until August 27 to find compelling reasons to play the game. For, as early as August 19, the game will see the comeback of Lance and Dragonite to the Spotlight Scout. Furthermore, pre-anniversary events are already taking place which grants players log-in bonuses, a chance to claim rare rock-type Pokemon, and other cool stuff.

All three special Trainers and their corresponding Pokemon will become available to Pokemon Masters EX until September 2, 2020.

Image used courtesy of The Official Pokémon Masters Channel/YouTube Screenshot

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