‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ DLC items, new abilities exposed via datamining

Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer snapshot

While the world is waiting for the up and coming first DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield with Isle of Armor, leaked information shows a few interesting elements that will supposedly come with the expanded content—namely, certain new items as well as abilities.

The leak comes from the information datamined from the latest version of Pokemon Home, which sees expanded contents in its code.

Stuff Never Seen Before

According to Centro Pokémon LEAKS, the leaker, Pokemon Home receives nine new additional items in the game’s index.

Looking into the list, some of the items can be telling, while the rest being relatively obscure based on nomenclature alone.

In-game, we have already seen Honey and Mushrooms that are items that sell for money. Merely adding the word ‘Max’ before each item does not necessarily change the fact that they’re all the same stuff. Only that they fetch a higher value as sellable items as intensified by the word ‘Max.’

The Galarica Twig and Cuff could be anything. But suspicion is also strong that they could be evolutionary items. Possibly for a Pokemon endemic in a certain region within the Isle of Armor DLC. Or even for a Pokemon that we have seen before since Gen 1.

The same is probably also true with Armorite Ore. But it can also be just an item meant for selling with decent value.

Going Deeper Into the List

Moving forward, the EXP Charm is quite a given for its name—likely, an item that boosts EXP gains after combat. Whether singularly or has the entire party in effect in mind is still a matter of everyone’s guess for now.

Making for another obvious purpose for being is the Armor Pass. Possibly, a necessary item with the purpose of giving access to the Isle of Armor contents.

The Style Card is kind of uneasy to pinpoint exactly. Perhaps, it could be a key item that grants additional aesthetic to the game. Or it can also be an item with an altogether different purpose.

Like the Style Card, Mark Charm is kind of hard to tell what exactly. But something tells that it might be a piece of stat-boosting equipment, though.

This is not the first time Centro Pokémon LEAKS is doing its job of revealing secrets about the game that mostly nobody knows. Just previously, it also divulges juicy information regarding the 21 new moves that will make their way into the game.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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