‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ freebies you might have missed

Pokemon Sword and Shield in collaboration with Pokemon Home

Game Freak, the developer behind the Pokemon series, is a master of surprises since the first Pokemon title. Known for giving away stuffs that spoil its audiences, the art of generosity has become a trademark for the company.

For something that is part of the company’s DNA, Game Freak had come up with all sorts of ways to treat its fan base. This pattern remains true in Pokemon Sword and Shield that both have a fair share of freebies that certain players can take.

As a caveat, though, not everyone can avail of the freebies due to certain requirements. Specifically, most of the stuff mentioned in this article requires an active Nintendo Service Online and Pokemon Home subscriptions in order to claim.

Rotom, Eevee, and Pichu

Getting Rotom, Eevee, and Pichu is pretty easy, which would be as simple as using the game’s certain features.

To get Rotom and Eevee, players need only to use the GTS and Wonder Box, respectively, once. On the other hand, to get Pichu, players just have to use a sticker on the binder for the first time.

Expansion Pass Purchase Gifts

Those who bought the game’s Expansion Pass before August 31 had the chance to claim Leon’s tights and cap. These exclusive items are accessible only via Mystery Gift to those who did.

Gigantamax Eevee and/or Gigantamax Pikachu

Avid Pokemon fans who played either Let’s GO Eevee or Let’s GO Pikachu or both can claim either or both Pokemon in-game. The only condition being that a saved file for either or both is stored in the same unit that’s running the game. Meeting this condition, players can then claim either or both Pokemon at some certain NPCs in the Wild Station.

Kanto Starters

Pretty much the same case as the Galar starters, only this time involving the Kanto region’s starting Pokemons. They include Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, each of which having their own respective Hidden Ability. The only condition being that users must be active Pokemon Home users.

Galar Starters

Active subscribers of Pokemon Home are incentivized by getting three of the starting Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield. That means Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey. Not only are Home users able to fetch all three, they also get everybody with Hidden Abilities by default.

Armorite Ore

The Pokemon Company had just recently held and closed an event which gave players the chance to get Zeraora and some Armorite Ores. While getting the former is already impossible now, getting the latter remains feasible.

To claim the Armorite Ores, players must simply transfer a Pokemon to or from Pokemon Home. Afterwards, access the gift box on the mobile app of Pokemon Home to get a code. Then, use the unique code on the Mystery Gift to claim the stuff.


Simply complete the National Pokedex and register it at Pokemon Home and you’ll receive Magearna in return.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon Home

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