‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ gives away one of its rarest items

Sword and Shield is giving away a few evolutionary items, including the one needed to evolve the rarest Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as Pokemon Home, are recently holding various Mystery Gift events to build the hype for the forthcoming Isle of Armor DLC. Since last week, players who are using Pokemon Home have received the three Galarian starter Pokemon with their Hidden Abilities.

Today, Pokemon Sword and Shield players are also receiving a bundle of rare items via the Mystery Gift feature.

Mystery Gift items

The Mystery Gift contains one Pokemon – Galarian Corsola with Cursed Body. In addition to this, players will also receive an array of rare evolution items, including Tart Apple, Sweet Apple, Whipped Dream, Cracked Pot, and Chipped Pot.

The last two items are evolutionary items for Sinistea to evolve into a Polteageist. However, one of these items is rarer than the other.

Rarest Pokemon

Sinistea is a Ghost-type Pokemon living inside of a teacup. Just like in reality, some teacups are genuine, while some are not. If a Sinistea carries a seal of authenticity, it is considered to be in its Antique Form and will only evolve by using a Chipped Pot.

However, if Sinistea doesn’t have a sticker, it is in its Phony Form and will evolve using the less valued Cracked Pot. According to Pokemon experts, the chances of catching a Sinistea in its Antique Form are 1 out of 100.

It is currently considered as one of the hardest to find Pokemon in the history of the franchise. The authenticity sticker is found on its underside and is only visible when the Sinistea undergoes Dynamax.

Other item details

Players should keep in mind that there are no significant differences between Sinistea’s Antique Form and Phony Form. However, completionists will have to keep hunting for the rarer form in Glimwood Tangle

The other remaining items are a bit useful too. A Whipped Dream equipped to Swirlix will turn it into a Slurpuff. A Sweet Apple given to an Applin will let it evolve into an Appletun, which is a Pokemon Sword exclusive.

On the other hand, giving Applin a Tart Apple will let it evolve into Flapple – a Pokemon Shield exclusive. The evolutionary apple items version exclusivity is another good reason trainers should download the Mystery Gift.

It is expected that more Pokemon Go Sword and Shield Mystery Gift events are coming in the next few days until the release of the Isle of Armor DLC on June 17, 2020.

Featured image courtesy of Dexerto/Youtube Screenshot


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