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‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ Isle of Armor DLC—All the facts


As Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC nears its release, The Pokemon Company has unveiled tons of information on what to expect on the expanded content.

First off is the release date. It has been a while since we have first heard of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first-ever DLC. Fans will no longer have to wait for too long now as the Isle of Armor sees itself releasing on June 17, 2020.

What’s Isle of Armor About?

The Isle of Armor DLCs makes for an expansion to either Sword or Shield by mainly introducing a new map and story-related content. Set in an island of the same name, the new area introduces players to a fresh locale and some never-before-seen monsters.

The story in the Isle of Armor will revolve around an encounter with former Pokemon League champion named Mustard. The same NPC who will gift you a fighting Pokemon called Kubfu.

Who is that Pokemon?

As part of the DLC storyline, players will have to overcome one of two towers, Darkness or Waters. The outcome will vary depending on the player’s choice, involving the evolution variant of Kubfu into Urshifu.

Choosing to complete the Dark tower gives Kubfu the evolution to Single Strike Style Urshifu. On the other hand, finishing the Water tower gives Kubfu the evolution to Rapid Strike Style Urshifu.

Urshifu is not only special for its one-time exclusivity in each playthrough. It also is unique for its inherent ability for Gigantamax transformation, which makes for a few.

Capable of transforming into a giant creature, each Urshifu variation comes with its own inherent signature G-move. Single Strike Style Urshifu has the G-Max One Blow, whereas Rapid Strike Style Urshifu has the G-Max Rapid Blow. Both attacks give Urshifu the benefit of bypassing an opposing Pokemon’s Protect skill.

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The list of Pokemon capable of their own unique Gigantamax transformations is short. But the Isle of Armor is adding two new into the roster with the Gigantamax Venusaur and Blastoise. Both Gigantamax versions come with their unique G-Max move, Vine Lash, and Cannonade, respectively.

In addition, any Pokemon with a great hidden ability will also be given Gigantamax transformation via the Max Soup. Likely, pointing at either Inteleon, Cinderace, or Rillabloom.

A new feature will also coincide with the DLC that lets players concoct items by sacrificing ingredients. Called the “cram-o-matic,” this new feature lets players get valuable items by trading in four.

Last but not the least, the expanded content will also allow players to teach their Pokemon tutor moves by trading Armorite Ore.

Image used courtesy of The Official Pokémon YouTube channel/YouTube Screenshot

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