‘Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor’: Every detail revealed

As promised, Nintendo delivered a new direction focused entirely on Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor, which is the first DLC for the game. There are a ton of new details about the upcoming title that fans should be excited about.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor stream showcased what the game has to offer and much more. Here’s everything that was revealed.

Release date

After the long wait, Nintendo has officially revealed the release date for the DLC, and it’s set on launching this June 17. Those who have the season pass will be getting the DLC immediately once it goes live.

New Pokemon

It was announced before that the Isle of Armor DLC would have some familiar Pokemon return, which further expands the number of obtainable creatures in the game. During the stream, we got to see some of the new faces that players will encounter on their journey.

The first to be revealed are the two new Regi Pokemon, Regieleki, the electric-type, and Regidrago, the dragon-type. Each comes with a new move and ability as well. Regieleki has Transistor and Thunder Cage. Regidrago has Dragon’s Maw and Dragon Energy.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC stream also re-introduced the three legendary birds in their new forms. Galarian Articuno is a psychic/flying type, Zapdos has become fighting/flying, and Moltres has become dark/flying. Each of the birds come with their new ability and moves.

Last to be revealed is Galarain Slowbro, which is a new psychic/poison type of Slowbro.

As for new Gigantamax Pokemon, the stream revealed that Venosaur, Blastoise, and the new legendary, Urshifu will have their forms as well.

New features

The DLC will introduce a lot of new features to the game. First is a new item tentatively known as a Cram-o-matic. It allows players to combine up to four items to make some new ones. The resulting items will be based on what the players put in, and some of the items players can get include restoratives and Pokeballs.

Aside from curry, players can also make a new dish called Max Soup. Pokemon, with the potential to Dynamax, can eat the soup to be able to use their Gigantamax forms.

It seems like Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor is bringing a lot to the game. Players only have a few more days before the DLC drops, so there’s still time for them to upgrade their Pokemons.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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