‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ Mystery Gifts for May 2020

Sword and Shield’s first DLC will be launching next month. As a way to celebrate the occasion, the developers are giving out Mystery Gifts.

The release of Pokemon Sword and Shield has gifted casual and die-hard gamers an unforgettable treat. The new game contains a massive world to explore, a huge new roster of Pokemon, and interesting new features such as Mystery Gifts.

Exciting new adventure

The newest title to the long-running series is one good example of a major Pokemon game being integrated into the Nintendo Switch.

As players traverse the wide Galar region, they will face a faction of returning and newly created Pokemon which will put their skills to the test.

Pokemon Sword and Shield gives fans of the franchise a memorable experience that epitomizes what makes the franchise a lovable game.

Introducing Mystery Gifts

One of the best features of the Pokemon game franchise is its Mystery Gifts. Going back to some of the earliest Pokemon games, connecting to the internet gives players have the chance to gain new Pokemon, items, and more.

Pokemon Sword and Shield also shares the same feature. However, the new game utilizes the use of Mystery Gifts to provide in-game rewards every month.

How to redeem Mystery Gifts

In order to take advantage of the gifts, players must first know how to accept one. Follow the following steps to claim the gifts:

  • Choose Mystery Gift on the main menu
  • Pick the Get a Gift option
  • Choose Get via the internet
  • Connect the game to the internet
  • Download Mystery Gifts

List of May – June Mystery Gifts

Depending on events, players can receive gifts every week or every month. For the coming weeks, the developers are giving out free Pokemon and items to celebrate the launch of Sword and Shield’s first DLC called Isle of Armor.

Here are the gifts for May to June 2020:

  • May 21 to 28 – Galarian Mr. Mime together with 1 Dream Ball, 1 Moon Ball, 1 Lure Ball and 1 Heavy Ball
  • May 29 to June 4 – Galarian Ponyta together with 1 Beast Ball, 1 Love Ball, 1 Friend Ball and 1 Level Ball
  • June 5 to 11 – Galarian Corsola together with Whipped Dream, Sachet, Cracked Pot, Chipped Pot, Tart Apple and Sweet Apple
  • June 12 to 19 – Galarian Meowth together with 50 Big Nuggets and 100 Large EXP Candies

Isle of Armor will be released in June and is the first of two DLC expansions for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Players can expect more Mystery Gifts in the next months since the second DLC is coming in November.

Featured image courtesy of Greshmon/Youtube Screenshot


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