‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’: The Crown Tundra teases close release of next DLC

Nintendo’s latest entry in the Pokemon series got a major expansion this year with The Isle of Armor. The next DLC is Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra, and it’s releasing soon.

The Isle of Armor further expanded the creature list in Pokemon Sword and ShieldBeyond that, the new region and story elements are more than a welcome addition for the game as well. For Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra, we’ll once again get major additions to the game.

Coming soon

A new trailer for the upcoming DLC doesn’t exactly say when the expansion will be available. However, it does say that the next addition to Pokemon Sword and Shield is indeed coming soon. Fans are expecting that the expansion will not release beyond October this year.

Fans that want the expansion can buy it from the Nintendo eShop now. The Crown Tundra and The Isle of Armor are available in a Season Pass. However, they can be bought separately as well. Players should buy the expansion soon if they want a piece of the action as soon as possible.

What’s in ‘The Crown Tundra?’

Like The Isle of Armor, Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra is going to be a full-on expansion as well. It will add a new section to the game’s map, as well as seeing more Pokemon from previous entries return. While the first expansion introduced a separate landscape with lush beaches and greeneries, The Crown Tundra will introduce a snow-covered region instead.

As always, fans are excited to see more Pokemon return with the addition of the new expansion. One of the biggest criticisms with the game when it launched, was that it had a fairly limited selection of Pokemon to choose from. A lot of the creatures from the previous generations were cut from the game.

The Isle of Armor expanded the selection, going as far as adding more new faces to the game. Like the previous expansion, the new one will have a new Legendary joining the roster. The developers are likely to add new features to the game as well.

Pokemon Sword and Shield The Crown Tundra will be launching soon, as per the trailer. However, we don’t have any exact details about it yet. We’ll likely see more details about the content and the actual release date for the expansion within the coming weeks.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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