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‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’ and DLCs to bundle as physical prints


Game Freak’s Pokemon Sword & Shield are getting re-releases as physical copies and will come inclusive of all DLCs.

Dubbed the Pokemon Expansion Pass Bundle, the launch will see each version of the game attached with two of the game’s DLCs, including the upcoming The Crown Tundra DLC.

That is not just a bundle of downloadable contents and the game’s physical cartridge, however. Both the base game and the two DLCs are found in a single cartridge, offsetting the need to download additional files from the eShop.

That means that adopters of the bundle version will not miss on anything. Therefore, also, can breeze through the base game up to its expanded contents.

Bundled freebies

Consumers who will buy the bundle edition, however, may want to claim the 100 Pokeballs from a downloadable code. Which, intuitively, is a boon for newcomers in the game.

To get the 100 Pokeballs, players would only need to redeem code via the Mystery Box.

Players who have played the base game but not the Isle of Armor would be missing on an exclusive Pikachu/Eevee costume. Those who will purchase the bundle edition will see themselves getting this unique content via a different code.

Likewise, getting any of these original costumes would require a procedure that touches on the Mystery Gift feature.

Both codes are redeemable only once, so players need to be considerate before choosing to claim their freebies. Claiming the item once and then choosing to start a journey anew using the same cartridge would make the code’s validity null and void.

Alternative options

Those who already pre-owned both Pokemon Sword & Shield and the Isle of Armor DLC need not have to purchase the bundle edition, however. While nice to have, consumers can still opt for the cheaper option. That is, by purchasing The Tundra Crown DLC from the eShop instead.

Alternatively, they can just choose to cut their loss by selling their used copy of Pokemon Sword & Shield and then purchase the bundle edition. Indeed, this makes a good option while the latter version is still on its way to getting a launch.

But if money is not tight and you’re simply collecting, buying the bundle editions would not be that bad of purchase at full price. Which, unlike a digital copy, actually gives off a tangible product that people can literally feel and own.

Pokemon Sword & Shield + their respective bundle packages will release on the market on Nov. 6, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon Sword & Shield

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