‘Pokemon Go’: Top five Pokemon who are more powerful in game than in the anime

It is evident from the Pokemon Go video game that some Pokemons are stronger in the game than in the anime.

When you compare the Pokemon Go game and the anime series, you will find a lot of Pokemons who are shown stronger in the game than they are actually are in the anime.

Of course, these different versions of the series have different spawning and different premises.

Let us have a look as to which Pokemons are certainly powerful in the video game than their counterparts in the anime.

Miltank is a nightmarish Pokemon in ‘Pokemon Go’

When fans speak of the most annoying and hardest to defeat Pokemons in the game, they cannot leave Miltank. This Pokemon is tough to catch, and the movesets of Miltank in the game can annoy most players who are battling them.

In the game, players can find this Pokemon taking down many challenges which are thrown at it.

Snorlax can cause havoc to your match in the game

Another one of the most powerful in the game is Snorlax. In the anime series, he is the main reason for many jokes, but in the game, this is one of the most annoying and powerful animals that players will come across.

In the video game, Snorlax can form a team and double its strength with the whole bundle.

Ditto is one of the most useful in the game

In the entire anime, we have seen Ditto shapeshifting but of no use. But in the game, players can take as many usages of this powerful Pokemon.

Ditto is known to shapeshift to another being and use their ability while it learns from the movesets of the other Pokemon it is copying.

Lapras is not only for travel in the game

In the anime series, we have seen that Ash and his friends have used Lapras’ help for mostly traveling purposes, but it is quite different in the game.

Many of the fans used to think that this type is a good travel buddy when crossing the sea, but with powerful water-type counter moves, Lapras can be a good ally to use while you are on a battle.

Togekiss acts more than just being cute

We all have to admit that Togekiss is an adorable one, but this Pokemon can act more than just being cute in the game.

The final evolution of this cutie in the game is an all-rounder and helps many players win several matches.


Image courtesy of Corviknight2678 Animations/YouTube Screenshot

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