‘Pokemon Unite’ trailer re-uploaded, creator face backlash

Pokemon Unite trailer re-uploaded, creator face backlash

The new Pokemon Unite trailer was recently re-uploaded. The brief disappearance of the Pokemon video sparked outrage to The Pokemon Company.

Several die-hard Pokemon fans attacked the Pokemon game creator for the removal of the Pokemon Unite trailer. There are speculations that it was done to hide the like-dislike ratio on the YouTube video.

Pokemon Unite launched last month. It is The Pokemon Company’s most recent title to date, following Pokemon Cafe Mix. Nintendo Switch and mobile devices will receive the new MOBA for free.

Despite the new announcement, the game immediately received backlash. Fans were disappointed. A new mainline release is expected to arrive due to the “announcement” hype.

Fans wreak havoc on the YouTube trailer

Nintendo quickly uploaded a full trailer on their YouTube account. The trailer was quick to arrive, but the backlash came faster.

Upon uploading, several fans commented on their disappointment. But, there were some user sentiments expressed via the like and dislike button.

The ratio between likes and dislikes grew immediately. The new game did not do well upon launch It immediately got more than 150,000 dislikes within 24 hours.

Pokemon Unite trailer re-upload gets more flak

Last July 9, the official Pokemon YouTube channel deleted the game trailer. It re-surfaced immediately after, nevertheless.

Fans bombarded the new trailer with criticisms over the new game and the Pokemon Company.

“How pathetic, instead of addressing why your fanbase isn’t impressed by this. You try and hide it. It’s not going to change the facts no matter how many times you re-up the vid,” said Synkhan, YouTube user.

Others commented that the first half of the trailer is just nostalgia bait. The rest of the game is unimpressive.

The new video currently has 752 likes and more than 2,500 dislikes, as of this writing. It was way lower than the 165,000 on its first release. But, the ratio is still bad.

The reason behind the re-uploaded trailer

Popular Pokemon site Serebii released a statement regarding the matter.

According to Serebii Webmaster Joe Merrick, an editing error prompted the re-uploading of the trailer. The previous trailer showed a flipped Nintendo Switch but with proper Unite overlay.

Pokemon Singapore echoed Merrick’s explanation. According to the company, the editing error occurred on the 1:00 – 1:02 mark of the previous trailer.


“Due to an inaccuracy in the footage, we corrected the video and reuploaded it. Revised part: 1:00-1:02,” the new description read.

However, the explanation was not enough for avid Pokemon fans. They still insist that it is a way of hiding the fan’s disappointment.

Pokemon Unite trailer gets reuploaded

Why do fans hate the game?

Pokemon Unite is a unique take to the Pokemon games. It is far from the traditional story-driven adventure title that fans are used to.

This upcoming game allows real-time battle while strategizing for the next move.

In theory, there is nothing bad about the game. But what went wrong? The disappointment comes from the way The Pokemon Company announced Unite.

There was a Pokemon announcement before the Unite reveal. The first announcement was for the Pokemon Snap and the Pokemon Cafe Mix Nintendo Switch game. The company teased a bigger event after.

Fans speculated a new Pokemon mainline game remake. But, it revealed Unite instead.

Pokemon Unite is coming soon. There is no definite release date yet. But the fanbase is already undecided. Some want a new Pokemon flavor while others are craving for a new story.

Image 1 courtesy of Pokemon Unite, Image 2 courtesy of Carolina Arias/Pexels

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