Pollen: Budding into a sturdy decentralized body

Decentralized asset management is one of the most anticipated trends in the future, and more and more companies are being established to provide this kind of financial service. 

One of the pioneers of this innovative service is Pollen, a platform where investors are given an opportunity to have a decentralized way of managing their portfolio and more. 

Pollen is not just your ordinary decentralized asset management protocol — it just happens to be the world’s first fully decentralized asset index. 

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Pollen bypasses centralized decision-making and instead gives this authority to clients/investors themselves. 

With the elimination of a highly centralized system, it allows investors to “customize” their asset management to suit their needs.

Creating safe assets

Because of this innovative management, Pollen can create less volatile assets that are more valuable than the sum of its parts. 

On top of that, decentralization enables the platform to stabilize various economic forces that might affect their clients’ assets. With this, it can have a reliable system in place that can protect its investors from the unpredictable nature of the virtual market.

Pollen also believes that the optimum potential of pooled funds can be tapped if it is managed by a transparent, reliable, and expert entity. 

That’s why Pollen was established to create a safe haven for investors who want to grow their assets while having reliable protection at their disposal.

Reputation-based governance

The platform was specifically designed to maintain its decentralized nature by having reputation-based governance in place and an incentivized liquidity model. 

For instance, the new systems we have developed and shared with Pollen allows clients to govern digital assets collectively and provides them an option to either directly vote or delegate this power to trusted peers.

Unlike in centralized management, where clients have limited choices and control on how their assets are managed, Pollen’s decentralized system gives them an environment with increased choices and authority. 

Pollen is fast growing into a stronger decentralized entity in the virtual ecosystem.


Image courtesy of Pollen DAO/YouTube

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