Popular YouTuber lost a rare ‘Pokemon Trading Card Game’ worth $55,000

Leonhart during a live unpacking of Pokemon Trading Card Game

A popular YouTuber named Leonhart with nearly a million subscribers who grew his channel opening Pokemon Trading Cards have finally pulled off a rare feat when he uncovered a first edition Charizard, which is priced at $55,000, last May—only to lose it while on its way to being authenticated.

Prior to shooting the video, Leonhart has been building up hype on the idea of unboxing another set of cards. Fans of the channel will not find the host being ecstatic as something new. Bearing a usual positive demeanor that partly attracted a large following, to see the YouTuber in an upbeat manner is rather expected.

Usual But Strange

Furthermore, to witness Leonhart as hopeful is nothing but common, considering the nature of his show. But in those days that Leonhart is making some hoopla, he was noticeably more enraptured than common.

Subsequently, revealing an intuition that draws from the fact of the distinctive uniqueness of the box he’d received. Citing it as particularly “heavy” than what he is familiar with.

An idea that does come off as odd, especially for a YouTuber who dedicated a career opening up packs of Pokemon TCG. He knows how an average Pokemon TCG box would weigh like, extracting from the usual.

Using weight as the basis, the suspicion points to the idea that the box may contain many “holographic” cards in it. But little did he know that there’s more in store in the box than just rare shiny cards.

A Milestone Achievement

On the fateful day of the opening of cards on May 16, 2020, Leonhart attained a milestone feat he never expected. What turns out initially as a crystal card version of Nidoking consequently led to a massive reveal concerning a very rare card.

Leonhart has managed to snag a high-valued card, a 1st edition Charizard, which had a history of selling for $55,000. A highlight of a video that saw the YouTuber and TCG aficionado in disbelief, leading to the end of the presentation.

With just the two cards alone at his hand, Leonhart holds two valuable items at their respective prices of $1500 and $55,000.

Opening a 1st Edition Base Set pack is itself a costly feat on its own. For something that sells for $7000 alone unopened, Leonhart basically risked money opening a pack that does not necessarily guarantee an expected outcome.

And They’re Gone

In a sad turn of the event since the successful unpacking, Leonhart made a follow-up video claiming that the cards he had gone missing. An unfortunate case that resulted in him choosing to send over his card to PSA in California, instead of Beckett.

It’s been more than a month since and Leonhart still claims the items he had were sent to PSA via USPS remain non-existent.

Image used courtesy of Leonhart/YouTube Screenshot

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