Popularity of Jungkook in India is becoming more evident

With the visible growth of K-pop popularity in India as witnessed in the last few years, one of the most prominent contributors to this is BTS, more specifically, Jungkook.

BTS is among the major key players and contributors to the widespread popularity of K-pop across nations. One of the group’s most famous members, Jungkook, is experiencing the same thing. This is in consideration of how his popularity in India is selling like hotcakes.

Jungkook’s worldwide stint

As per Google trends, the presence of Jungkook is more prominent in most countries worldwide, such as the US and the European countries.

Also, singer heartthrob is bagging hearts in the Arab countries, Russia, Canada, Australia, South America, and Southeast Asian countries.

With the tangible popularity of Euphoria and Jungkook in India, it will not be a surprise that the country will be on its way to sit at the same table with all these countries mentioned.

The waving success of Euphoria in India

Rolling Stone India has recently released Spotify’s Top 10 most-streamed Korean songs in India. What’s mesmerizing is that the only Korean solo music on the list is Jungkook’s Euphoria, ranking at number 6.

This makes it easier to say that the track is the most-streamed Korean solo song in the country.

Also, on Gaana, Euphoria is the only BTS solo song to surpass 2 million plays. At the same time, in Jiosaavn, it bagged 1 million plays.

Gaana and Jiosaavn are India’s popular commercial music streaming services. It has over 100 million monthly active users.

On Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music in India, the smash-hit is also the most popular BTS solo song.

Furthermore, Ayushmann Khurana and Disha Patani, India’s famous Indian celebrities, also showed their love for Euphoria. 

The two Indian stars have 13 million and 40 million followers, respectively. In their Instagram live, the two keep on playing the song.

A familiar face in Indian newspapers

Notedly, the Golden Maknae appears in India’s local newspapers and mainstream media. In the Indian newspaper The Aizawl Post, Jungkook was featured after releasing his popular self-produced song Still With You.

Even though the song was just released on Soundcloud, the heart-melting ballad made waves worldwide. The paper praised Jungkook’s genius production, songwriting, and vocals.

It only shows that Jungkook’s presence has been acknowledged among the country’s locals. This includes his individuality, his voice, and style.

In Times Life, a Sunday lifestyle supplement for Times of India, Jungkook also appeared featuring his looks. The said newspaper is one of the biggest in India.

Image courtesy of FILA KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

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