Portia asks for trial separation amid claims Ellen DeGeneres is ‘handsy’ with staff: Rumor

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s marriage continue to make headlines following the never-ending criticisms that the comedian has been receiving.

Even though de Rossi has already publicly shown her support for Ellen DeGeneres, tabloids still think that this is just all for show.

According to Globe, the couple’s marriage is on the rocks. And de Rossi suggested that she and DeGeneres have a trial separation. However, the actress’s proposal didn’t, allegedly, sit well with her wife.

Ellen DeGeneres refused Portia de Rossi’s request for a trial separation

A source claimed DeGeneres begged de Rossi not to walk out on her the same way that her A-list friends did. Unfortunately, the comedian’s pleas are, allegedly, falling on deaf ears because de Rossi has had enough.

“Even before this scandal, they were fighting a lot, and Ellen’s been pushing her luck with the shabby way she treats Portia. Lately, she’s been working all hours, and when Portia does see her, she’s barking orders and treating her like an underappreciated assistant,” the source said.

If DeGeneres agrees, de Rossi will, allegedly, stay in Santa Barbara while her wife is in Los Angeles. However, it seems that the Ellen Show host won’t agree to have a trial separation.

The source said that she has been making all kinds of promises to the Scandal star in the hopes that de Rossi won’t desert her.

Ellen DeGeneres refused Portia de Rossi's request for a trial separation

Portia de Rossi surprised by Ellen DeGeneres creepy touching rumors?

According to the source, de Rossi was surprised to hear the recent allegations against Ellen DeGeneres. There are claims that she was handsy with some of her female staff.

DeGeneres has also been accused of creepy touching by the same tabloid. However, it is important to note that none of her employees have come forward with these kinds of allegations.

Rumors debunked

One should also take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. After all, de Rossi and DeGeneres’ marriage is the one thing that’s been constant amid the criticisms.

De Rossi said that her wife is doing well at home after reporters asked her for an update. And the Ally McBeal alum also confirmed that DeGeneres would return to Ellen Show next month.

Her confirmation came amid rumors that DeGeneres could be fired from the show. Her former employees revealed that there’s a toxic work environment on the set of the program.

Ellen DeGeneres has also been accused of being mean, rude, and demeaning.

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