Portia de Rossi applauds Ellen DeGeneres after filming season 18 premiere episode


Portia de Rossi remains supportive of Ellen DeGeneres despite the controversies plaguing the host. She even applauded his wife after filming the premiere episode of the Ellen Show.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have been together for over a decade already. Even if de Rossi is not very outspoken in defended DeGeneres, she has always been there for the host.

Portia de Rossi applauded Ellen

On Monday, The Ellen DeGeneres Show returned for its season 18 premiere. Ellen DeGeneres took it as her opportunity to address the alleged toxic workplace complaints and assured everyone that they are not starting on a clean plate. The host committed herself to make the set a safe workplace for everyone.

According to an insider, Portia de Rossi was there when DeGeneres filmed the episode. De Rossi and the crew were impressed with how DeGeneres faced the issue and even applauded her when she walked off the set.

The insider told People that it was an emotional moment for everyone involved in the production. DeGeneres also reached out to everyone and thanked them.

Portia has always been there for Ellen

Portia de Rossi applauding Ellen DeGeneres isn’t the first time she publicly showed her support for the host. Last month, in a rare move, de Rossi took to Instagram and shared a message of support for her wife.

“I Stand By Ellen,” de Rossi’s post read.

In the same post, the Scandal actress thanked all their fans who continue to support Ellen DeGeneres. Portia recognized them by saying, “we see you.” She also called those who criticized DeGeneres “bots” by using the hashtags #stopbotattacks.

Portia’s post received mixed responses from her followers. Several slammed DeGeneres and said she should take accountability. Another pointed out to de Rossi that it wasn’t bot attacks; those who spoke up were DeGeneres’ staffers.

Several also showed their support to Portia and DeGeneres. One said that the host rebuilt the high school gym in their town after hurricane Harvey tore it down.

“No surprise here, Portia, you are Ellen’s Number 1 fan. Proud of you for standing for your amazing wife,” @flight_time_87 commented.

“I will always stand by Ellen. She is one of my biggest inspirations and someone that consistently makes me laugh,” @matthewables added.

Ellen grateful to Portia

A few months ago, before the toxic workplace allegations, Ellen DeGeneres was already viral on Twitter. Kevin T. Porter started a thread on Twitter, encouraging others to share their not-so-great encounter with the host.

It turned out that many had bad encounters with DeGeneres. One waitress claimed DeGeneres had her fired for serving them with her chipped nail polish. Another alleged that DeGeneres doesn’t want her staff to look at her. And that one must chew a gum outside her office before talking to her.

Despite the controversies, Portia never left DeGeneres’ side. So, the latter is very grateful to her wife.

“Ellen’s so grateful to have Portia in her life as a soulmate and a sounding board, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy,” an insider told Us Weekly.


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