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Portia de Rossi goes after Ellen’s $360M fortune before releasing tell-all?


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are, allegedly, fighting tooth and nail over their prenuptial agreement.

In 2017, In Touch Weekly claimed that Portia de Rossi finally decided to divorce her wife. The Scandal actress and DeGeneres have, allegedly, been having problems for quite some time and there’s no turning back for the couple.

Portia de Rossi allegedly takes off her wedding ring

An unnamed source told the tabloid back then that one of the obvious signs that de Rossi is trying to dissolve her marriage can be found in her wedding ring. The Ally McBeal actress, allegedly, stopped wearing her wedding ring in public.

“It’s happening. She and Portia are breaking up. Portia’s ring has been off for a while now, and though she would occasionally slip it on to show Ellen she was trying, that’s over now. There’s no turning back. It’s just a matter of time before the whole world knows. The bottom line, Portia feels Ellen didn’t let her be herself or develop her acting career more. She said she needs to break free or she’s going to snap,” the unnamed source said, as per In Touch Weekly.

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi fighting over their prenuptial agreement?

Since de Rossi and DeGeneres are, allegedly, divorcing, the A-listers have to deal with their prenuptial agreement. The source said that the document has several loopholes that may give de Rossi the opportunity to bring home a huge sum of money.

The insider said that DeGeneres is worth $360 million. And she and de Rossi don’t have kids, a huge chunk of her earnings could go to her future ex-wife.

“Portia will go after Ellen’s fortune. Ellen’s attorneys will fight it as much as possible, but Ellen wants to keep the details o the divorce private,” the source said.

Will Portia release a tell-all on her marriage?

The insider said that The Ellen Show host doesn’t want her dirty laundry to be aired in public. As such, DeGeneres might be more willing to give de Rossi what she wants financially than to see her ex-wife publish a tell-all book.

However, since nothing has been finalized yet, there is still, allegedly, a possibility that de Rossi will publish a tell-all book on her and DeGeneres’ marriage.

But the insider also insisted that the comedian is willing to pay any amount to de Rossi to make sure that the latter would keep quiet.

“Ellen will pay to guarantee that Portia won’t go public with their relationship and marriage in a future tell-all book,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi aren’t divorcing. As such, there’s no reason for the couple to fight over their prenuptial agreement. According to multiple reports, the couple didn’t even sign a prenup in 2008.

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