Portia de Rossi had enough of Ellen DeGeneres’ tantrums, concerned about ‘Ellen Show’staff?

Portia de Rossi had enough of Ellen DeGeneres' tantrums, concerned about 'Ellen Show'staff?

Portia de Rossi has, allegedly, had enough of Ellen DeGeneres’ temper tantrums and mood swings.

According to Us Weekly, Portia de Rossi wasn’t happy to hear the complaints against her wife especially since they came from former Ellen Show staff. An unnamed source said that the Scandal star has met some of DeGeneres’ staff before they left the show.

Portia de Rossi at the receiving end of Ellen DeGeneres’ mood swings?

Following a slew of criticisms, DeGeneres has, allegedly, been in a bad mood. And de Rossi is, allegedly, at the receiving end of her anger.

“Ellen’s been in a terrible mood, and Portia’s on the receiving end. These are staff members who’ve worked for Ellen for years. Portia’s met some of them,” the unnamed source said.

Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres could allegedly divorce

The insider also said that it’s only a matter of time before de Rossi files for divorce from DeGeneres.

“She’s had enough of Ellen’s tantrums and demands. Things are so tense between them, friends are saying it could be the final straw for the couple,” the source said.

The couple is standing strong amid criticisms 

The couple is standing strong amid criticisms

However, the same publication reported a few weeks back that de Rossi is standing by DeGeneres’ side. In fact, the comedian is, allegedly, grateful to Portia de Rossi for staying with her through it all.

“Ellen’s so grateful to have Portia in her life as a soulmate and a sounding board, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. Their home life is strained right now. Her real friends never ask her to be funny or tell jokes. They accept her as is,” the source said.

‘Ellen Show’ toxic work culture

Earlier this month, BuzzFeed News published a story about the toxic work environment on the set of The Ellen Show. The publication spoke with 10 former employees who shared their negative experiences about the comedian, the producers, and the heads of the show.

One of them said that there was racism on set. Another staff said that she was so excited to meet DeGeneres after they finished rehearsals but she just stared her down. The encounter was, reportedly, humiliating.

Another former staff tried to end her contract and work for a competing show, but the executive producers threatened to sue the staff. They also, reportedly, said that they would contact the competing show so that they won’t hire the staff.

Following the incident, the producers, reportedly, threatened the staff by playing mind games. And they didn’t also tell the staff if their contract will be renewed.

The executive producers of The Ellen Show issued a statement following the shocking allegations. However, Ellen DeGeneres continues to stay mum on the issue.

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