Portland Trailblazers don’t belong in the Playoffs, Skip Bayless said

Portland Trailblazers don't belong in the Playoffs, Skip Bayless said

The Portland Trailblazers were ultimately written off by the hot words of Skip Bayless when he said that they don’t belong in the Playoffs.

The best story so far in the NBA bubble is the Trailblazers’ run for the last spot in the Western Conference. They fought with blood, sweat, and tears just to snatch the eighth seed from the Memphis Grizzlies.

Considering what they have done, just entering the Playoffs is already a prize. However, they don’t want to just stop there. They want to bring a fight to the Lakers, but Skip Bayless has some hot words for them.

Portland Trailblazers don’t belong in the Playoffs

Skip Bayless has had strong takes on the NBA before. He has attacked Lebron James on several occasions. As such, he’s not unfamiliar with players reacting negatively to his comments. All he is to them is a loud rattling can whose comments mean little to them. Now, Bayless is stirring the pot again with a scathing comment on the Blazers. He said,

“Portland is by far the worst defensive team in the whole bubble. Pathetic because they came into the bubble 29-37 and they were twelve games under 500 (win percentage) when they hit the bubble and now, they are at a grand total of 35-39.”

His comments are very unfair for the Blazers considering what they’ve done so far. Yes, they have a losing record, but they also broke their way in the Playoffs. It wasn’t as if the eighth spot was just served to them on a silver platter. Nonetheless, they are tired and weary, and it shows on their performance so far.

Portland is crumbling after a tough run

The Blazers gave the Lakers nation a scare when they seized the first game from the Purple and Gold. However, since then, they’ve failed to make a repeat. Now, they are in a tough, 1-3 hole. One more loss and their tough sprint to the Playoffs will already come to an end.

They’re not sprinting anymore. Instead, they’re hobbling. Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are both injured. Zach Collins needs surgery. Jusuf Nurkic is still wary about his injury before. All these issues point to just how much they have been through.

The Blazers are outmatched and outgunned. Lebron James and Anthony Davis are starting to get fired up for their title run.

The case is that the Blazers belong in the Playoffs, they are just unlucky with all the injuries they’ve had.


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