Possible launch characters for ‘Overwatch 2’

Since its announcement, fans have been busy making speculations about Overwatch 2. The game will introduce a lot of new features, but most importantly, it expands the cast of characters as well.

Overwatch 2 is expected to bring in new characters, much like how the original added more heroes over time. Since launching in 2016, Overwatch had 11 new characters join the roster. With the sequel, fans are expecting that there will be some new faces at launch. Here’s who those possible launch characters are.


Sojourn is almost guaranteed to become a launch character for the game. She’s already a prominent character in Overwatch, serving as a guide during the Storm Rising PVE game mode. We’ve also seen Sojourn in the reveal trailer for the sequel, making it even more guaranteed that she’s going to launch along with the game.

We’ve yet to know exactly what can Sojourn do, but from the look of things, she might be a DPS character joining Overwatch. She’s a prominent member of the group, along with the likes of Winston. In the sequel, it looks like she’ll be playing a major role in the story as well.


Maximillian had been a huge part of the game, even though he isn’t playable. He is an omnic who’s one of the leaders of Talon, alongside Doomfist, Widowmaker, Sombra, and Reaper. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of Maximillian to the roster, but that isn’t happening in Overwatch.

With Overwatch 2, however, that seems more likely. In the gameplay trailer, we can here Maximillian arguing with Doomfist regarding a certain plan. The snippet of audio suggests that Maximillian is having a change of heart regarding Talon’s actions. More importantly, it suggests that he’ll be playing a huge role in one of the missions.

Junker Queen

Since the game launched, the Junker Queen can be heard at the Junkertown map as players enter the town area. She serves as the leader of the faction from Australia, and she has been teased one time too many.

She plays a huge role in the story of Wrecking Ball, Junkrat, and Roadhog. Her becoming a part of the launch roster seems likely considering how prominent she’s been in the game already.

Overwatch 2 could release this year, but we’ve yet to hear the actual release date from Blizzard. Fans are excited about the game, but it’s the coming heroes that get them more riled up.

Image used courtesy of Blizzard/Overwatch

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