Potential Nvidia Ampere graphics cards listed by MSI

Potential Nvidia Ampere graphics cards listed by MSI

Hardware manufacturer MSI recently registered 29 possible Nvidia Ampere graphics cards on the European Economic Commission.

MSI did not directly confirm whether these video cards are indeed Nvidia Ampere hardware. The company vaguely labels this hardware like video cards. However, this did not deter fans from speculating that these are the upcoming RTX 30-series graphics cards.

A new generation of graphics cards

The upcoming RTX 30-series is touted to start the new generation of graphics cards. The tech community is wildly anticipating its official release. The community is awash with rumors and leaks with regards to its possible specs.

The listing on the European Economic Commission (EEC) database hints that the graphic card will come in three models. These models are the 602-V388, 602-V389, and 602-V390. Given MSI’s previous naming conventions, the V388 model will most likely be the premium one.

Rumors claim that the V388 model will be the premium RTX 3090 card. The V389 model will be the RTX 3080, and the V390 will most likely be the RTX 3070. Nvidia is also known for releasing a Ti brand for its hardware, but no hints were found on the listing.

MSI registered a total of 29 possible Nvidia Ampere graphics cards, 14 of which are for the V388 model. A total of 11 registrations were made for the V389 model, and only four for the V390 model.

It is important to note that not all products registered on the EEC will hit the market. Although MSI registered 29 products, it does not necessarily mean it will release 29 video cards. Most likely, the company is preparing for additional launches in the future.

Competition is heating up

Nvidia is expected to launch its new series of graphics cards on September 1. At the launch, the company will most likely release just the base model of the graphics cards. After that, it will only take weeks before after-market products will start hitting the shelves.

Once released, the new Nvidia Ampere graphics cards will go head-to-head against AMD’s Big Navi lineup. Recent rumors suggest that AMD is also preparing to debut its new series of graphics cards.

Both the Ampere and the Big Navi lineups are expected to be top-tier hardware. These products are mostly targeted towards the high-end gaming and professional markets.

Apart from rumors, not much is known about the upcoming Nvidia Ampere graphic cards. Nevertheless, the company is sure to let out its big guns in its upcoming release.

Image courtesy of Christian Wiediger/Unsplash

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