Pre-ordering ‘Demon’s Souls’ on PS5 could give you this exclusive DLC weapon

Demon's Souls trailer snapshot

Anyone who pre-orders the remake version of Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation 5 could receive a unique weapon as a DLC.

The information comes in light of the pre-order sales page, which details the DLC that speaks of a unique weapon. But whose post has been short-lived.

Luckily, someone at Reddit has managed to share a post about the promotional offer while it was live.

The pre-order DLC in question is a Reaper Scythe which is a pole weapon capable of hitting multiple enemies in one swoop. The weapon’s curved blade is also described as one capable of piercing through the opponent’s souls, severing it from the body.

But while a weapon that could seemingly stick with any player from start to finish, it comes with its own caveat. The setback being that it’s “difficult to handle,” insinuating the drawback that comes with carrying a long-reaching weapon.

No Reason Why

There is no explanation as to why the information about the pre-order DLC was cut off from the page. But as far as a guess can go, it’s likely there’s a marketing reason for the withholding of the promotion. One being the possibility that the DLC weapon itself being accessible in-game, whether or not the game is pre-ordered.

Regardless of the reason, it would be really cool to wield a weapon similar to The Reapers of the Shrine of Storms.

Looking at the overall event surrounding the PlayStation 5, though, it appears its marketing is rife with inconsistencies. Another being the mention that Demon’s Souls would also be seeing a PC release after some time of exclusivity on PS5. A notion that was later debunked to not be the case, coming directly from Sony. Not only will the game not seeing release on PC, it will also not see a launch in any other console.

From the Ground-Up

Recently revealed during the PlayStation 5 Showcase event which highlights a handful of next-gen PlayStation titles, Demon’s Souls makes for a welcoming appearance. A remake of the original PS3 title, Demon’s Souls has seen rebuilding from the ground-up. Improving upon the strengths of the 2009 title while fixing on faulty parts.

It was remade by the Austin, Texas-based independent company, Bluepoint Games, Inc. The same studio behind the fantastic makeover of some triple-A titles, like Ico, Shadow of Colossus, etc.

Demon’s Souls is also popularly criticized as a spiritual successor to the King’s Field—a mid-90’s FromSoftware title. Also, spawning other titles in the same genre with the Dark Souls series.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot/YouTube Screenshot

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