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‘Predator: Hunting Grounds’ content just got bigger as Samurai Predator joins roster


The Predator: Hunting Grounds officially announces its first official paid DLC that will introduce The Samurai Predator as part of its overall playable character. The paid DLC comes at a price tag of $4.99 and comes inclusive of 16 armor colors and a katana.

The DLC will see the official rollout on July 17, 2020.

Straight from the Official Blog

As posted in the PlayStation blog, lead designer Jordan Mathewson shed some light as to what the motif is about.

Mathewson premised the blog by stating that part of the team’s original goal is to bring new content into the game post-release. The idea comes as a fulfillment of the plan to bring in new content to the game.

With the recent introduction of Dutch as a playable character, Illfonic has decided to add a new class among the Predators.

An Eastern Legend

With a theme that draws inspiration in Japanese culture, game developer Illfonic came up with lore to explain the choice. Described simply as a “demon from the sky” that subsequently became a “Japanese legend,” the samurai-looking Yautja holds stories that span centuries.

Vilified for its bad omen, The Samurai Predator has been the target among the elite warriors of Japan. Only for these same warriors to fall into the hands of the very same entity they are keen to kill.

Humanoid in form, this Yautja bears all the aesthetics of a fully-equipped samurai. However, with a cosmetic twist that is significantly distinct from the class of warriors, it ritually preys upon for hundreds of years.

Adhering to the similar fighting style as its human prey, The Samurai Predator is effectively a samurai in its own right. Like all samurais, this special predator has a penchant for the katana and comes with its own name.

Aptly dubbed the “Predator Katana,” this special weapon will become accessible to players when it rolls out later this month.

The Latest Update

While still a few weeks down the road before release, players can still choose to enjoy the game’s latest content. For those who have not yet made the jump to the free update, players are encouraged to do so now.

But even last month’s update is worthy of jumping into. Aside from stability fixes and balancing that makes the game fairer for everyone, the update also contains new content in it. Coinciding Dutch’s presence as a playable character is the Hammerhead QR5 and knife that players can use.

In addition, the update also comes with a slew of customization stuff and an in-game adjustment that increases the level cap to 150.

Image used courtesy of Crazyboy9/YouTube Screenshot

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