Premier League reveals details of resumption plans

Premier League reveals details of resumption plans

After holding a meeting with teams recently, the English Premier League is revealing details of how the resumption of its games will follow specific guidelines on health and safety.

As noted by The Guardian, all 20 teams have agreed unanimously to follow strict match day protocols in order to ensure that everybody involved in the league’s restart, including players, team staff, and officials, will remain safe from COVID-19.

The English Premier League is set to return in less than a week’s time, with the first match scheduled on June 17 featuring Aston Villa against Sheffield United.

Pre-match protocols

Before the start of every game, all players, coaches, and team staff will be required to answer a written screening questionnaire.

Also, upon arriving at the designated game venue, all players and staff will have to undergo a temperature check, as well as submit a “clinical passport” in the form of a bar code, either on paper or on a mobile device that can be scanned by game officials.

All those who have tested negative for the coronavirus in the past five days will be permitted to enter the arena.

There will only be more or less 300 people allowed inside the game venue during match day, and all will undergo temperature checks.


Players’ protocols

All players will be required to adhere to a two-meter physical distancing rule, as well as follow strict personal hygiene guidelines.

Speaking of hygiene, handshakes, spitting, and clearing one’s nostrils are banned. During water breaks, players must use their own drink bottles. Players must also use hand sanitizers whenever they enter or leave the field. Masks are allowed but not mandatory.

Players will refrain from entering the soccer pitch side-by-side and may have to go to the field in different access ways.

Depending on the designated venue per match, changing rooms may or may not be utilized. As for showers after games, they will be permitted as long as players follow the physical distancing rule.

Off the pitch

Media interviews are allowed post-match, but not directly on the pitch. As for press conferences, they may be held by way of Zoom.

Team bus protocols dictate that every team modifies their transport in order to place seats adequately far from each other. Those traveling by plane are similarly required to follow distant seating arrangements.

Traveling teams are not prohibited from staying at hotels, but the league is recommending players to avoid this option as much as possible.

Any player, coach, or team member staff who feels unwell will be instructed to self-isolate. If this happens on a match day, the game may or may not be postponed.

Images courtesy of Alex Motoc/Unsplash,  Cosmin Iftode/Shutterstock

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