Prepare for the coming of ‘The Sims 4’ expansion pack

In the summer of 2020, the Sims 4 expansion pack introduces another game mode. This time, players will work together to save a wasteland. Transforming it to a bustling neighborhood will pose a new challenge to players of the game.

Ever since its release, the Sims games became a solace for people wanting to have a different life. In the game, they can live a life that is otherwise impossible for them to have. Sims 4 continued that tradition, so players have another life simulation. The expansion pack arrives this summer.

The Sims 4 expansion pack

In the expansion pack, players can grow their crops for food. Known as Eco Lifestyle; is the ninth expansion pack of the game. Here, Sims will try and transform a wasteland into a thriving neighborhood. People have the option to fill the area with flowers and various crops. Doing so will make the area a bustling neighborhood full of life. No one will ever say that this was previously a wasteland.

Aside from transforming the wasteland, the expansion pack teaches important life lessons. People will learn about camaraderie and teamwork. Through teamwork, the wasteland area will become a paradise for people to live in. Players will also gain friends while doing the transformation of the area.

What to do in the expansion pack

The game emulates real-life scenarios. Because of this, players have access to different tools and machinery. The expansion pack features energy resources like wind turbines and solar panels. These alternative energy providers will help people save electricity. They can even recycle things that they collect to become usable again. Should the need arise, they can check dumpsters for items and extra resources.

Every neighborhood has a homeowners association of some sort. There is a voting board in the game where people can share plans for the neighborhood. They can also team up with neighbors that share their common interests.

Each of these elements will influence the growth and direction of the neighborhood. It will also influence the place itself. They can choose it to become residential, commercial, or industrial. It will all depend on the resources and machinery that they use. Like in real-world scenarios, they will need to contend with issues like pollution.

If the players aren’t careful, all their hard work will go to waste. Instead of transforming the land, they might worsen the situation. It means they need to plan their actions and execute them exactly as planned.

Sims 4 never disappoints those who want to create a world of their own. With this expansion pack, they would learn how to cope with real-life situations. It would enable them to react to real-world issues and resolve them at once.


Images courtesy of Vanessarocksmyworld0/Pixabay

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