President Trump attacks Twitter after fact-check fiasco

Due to a recent policy change, United States President Donald Trump is venting his anger towards social media platform Twitter.

Twitter is now on President Trump’s crosshair after the social media giant adds a fact check feature to its platform. This new feature did not sit well with the President after it appears in two of his tweets. Now, the President is threatening to issue an executive order against the platform.

The President claims that the new fact check feature is an “editorial decision.” He adds that this is tantamount to political activism and that the company has legal liabilities.

Trump vs Twitter

President Trump is a known user of Twitter. In fact, he relies heavily on the social platform for many of his tirades. This turns the social media company into a polarizing figure in politics.

Recently, the President tweeted about mail-in ballots. This is the same tweet that now bears the fact check feature.

Many applaud Twitter for allowing President Trump to use its platform without any censorship. This is with respect to the First Amendment. However, this same issue is what makes the Silicon Valley giant a prime target for liberals and fact-checkers.

The recent addition of the fact check feature is a double edge sword. It turns the platform into an outlet that rejects fake news and misinformation. However, it also garners the ire of its most popular user.

Executive Order draft leaks

A draft of an Executive Order proposal recently leaks. It appears that the President is on full political attack mode. Part of the draft reads:

“In a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to hand-pick the speech that Americans may access and convey online.”

For many legal scholars, this is a clear overuse of political powers. However, many supporters of the President support his action claiming that it is well within his powers.

Some experts are pointing to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This particular piece of legislation gives online platforms immunity from liability of what their users post.

The tech community is rallying their support towards the social media platform. Many are saying that while the President can cite freedom of speech, Twitter has the responsibility to moderate its content.

Many comments that President Trump’s decision regarding this matter will set a precedence for the future. On the other hand, Twitter is holding on to its decision and preserves the fact check feature.

Image courtesy of Darren Halstead/Unsplash


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