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Previous common cold infection may reduce coronavirus severity: Study


As per a new study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Investigation, coronavirus patients who were previously infected by the common cold may have reduced the severity of COVID-19.

The said study also mentions that the immunity build-up due to the non-SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infections will not prevent people from getting infected by COVID-19 disease.


There is a reason for such a build-up immunity from the common cold. It is ingrained that the genetic sequences with SARCS-CoV-2 and the immune responses interact after a common cold. Also, it cross-react against SARS-SoV-2, which share the same genetic sequence.


The data examined for the study are from the individuals who previously had a respiratory panel test and had CRP-PCR results between May 18, 2015, and March 11, 2020.

After looking at a few elements like age, gender, body mass index, and diabetes mellitus diagnosis, COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized and were tested positive in the CRP-PCR test for a coronavirus showed significantly decreased chances of being taken to the Intensive Care Units.

For these patients, the chance of requiring ventilation was also much low. The possibility of survival for these patients was higher for those who were previously tested positive for a common cold coronavirus, study says.

Reduced severity of COVID-19 symptoms

An important point to note is that it certainly did not prevent anyone from being infected from coronavirus. However, the common cold coronavirus did reduce the chances of being hospitalized and hence a reduced severity. Social distancing itself can prevent coronavirus. Wearing masks and avoiding crowds can help.

“Our results show that people with evidence of a previous infection from a “common cold” coronavirus have less severe COVID-19 symptoms,” said Manish Sagar, an associate professor at Boston University School of Medicine and the study’s co-corresponding author.

Immunity can prevent infection

The researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine also found that immunity can prevent people from getting infected by the SARS-CoV-2. Although the patient groups had almost the same livelihoods and lifestyles of encountering infections, this claim was proven that they did have differing likelihoods of ending up in ICU or dying, the researchers said.

Body immunity

An essential factor in preventing the coronavirus disease is improving the body immunity of a person. This can be done by eating healthy and nutritious food that includes Vitamin C dietary elements. In recent research, Vitamin C was found to be working as a “miracle” for the cure of coronavirus. Now doctors are advising patients to eat Vitamin C supplements as well.

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