Prince Andrew goes on after-dark meetings with Queen as he plots return to public duties

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew seems to be so desperate to return to his royal duties, one year after stepping down from the British royal family’s frontline.

Last November, Prince Andrew quit the royal life following his car-crash interview with BBC, interrogating him about his links to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Now, it seems like the Duke of York is doing all he can to convince his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to retain his royal titles and duties.

According to The Sun, the 60-year-old dad of two has been making secret late-night visits to see the head of the monarchy, hoping that she will be in his favor.

Prince Andrew, reportedly, believes he can still help support the monarchy despite concerns from his family members, such as his brother, Prince Charles, and his nephew, Prince William.

A source told the outlet that he met with Her Majesty last week in a “coronavirus-secure” meeting. “This looked like a deliberate attempt not to be seen.”

Prince Andrew returns ‘at odds’

However, per the palace insiders, they deny any formal talks about Prince Andrew’s return.

“What he wants and what the family is prepared to discuss are probably at odds.”

Despite the Duke’s plans to return to his former royal, another royal source said that there’s “zero chance” that it would happen.

“Whatever the Duke may think his future looks like, he should be under no illusion that view is not shared by the people who make the decisions within the family.”

They added that theirs is no way the Queen’s favorite son would be returning “and will remain very much on the outside.”

Compassionate mom, heard-hearted brother

Meanwhile, the Queen is, reportedly, very sympathetic to his second-born son, but as mentioned earlier, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge share the same view.

They believe that Prince Andrew should be hidden away from any public role because of his scandal-hit reputation.

The father-son duo is said to be “completely dismayed” at Prince Andrew’s initial plan to do the interview where he signed away his career.

The allegations

The Duke denies any allegations that he slept with an underage woman named Virginia Roberts.

He has also been dragged into Epstein’s ex-girlfriend’s prosecution and is set to feature heavily in her trial set next year. The Queen’s son continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Prince Andrew even claimed to cooperate with investigators in the US during his infamous BBC interview but hasn’t done it yet.

Image courtesy of BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

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