Prince Andrew faces new allegations after Jeffrey Epstein documentary premieres on Netflix

Prince Andrew faces new allegations after Jeffrey Epstein documentary premieres on Netflix

New developments on the Virginia Roberts, Prince Andrew controversy, have emerged after the release of Jeffrey Epstein’s documentary on Netflix.

Prince Andrew stepped back from his royal duties late last year after his “car crash” interview with BBC. As stated, the interview was supposed to set the stories straight about the allegations involving him on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case.

However, things went far down south after the interview. The Queen’s second son received a huge backlash from the public.

As it happened, he denied his affiliations to his late friend’s transactions. He also dismissed Virginia Roberts’ claims that she was a victim of sex trafficking and had sexual relations with the royal-born Prince.

Prince Andrew faces new allegations

Months have already passed since the controversies involving Prince Andrew emerged. But, with the release of Jeffrey Epstein’s four-part documentary series on Netflix, the Queen’s second son has received a new set of allegations about his relationship with the young Virginia Roberts.

In the documentary, a new witness, Steve Scully, reveals that he saw the Duke of York “kissing” Virginia Roberts during their stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island home, according to The Sun.

As explained, Steve Scully was the late financier’s “phone and internet specialist” on the island. He said that “probably around 2004,” he saw Prince Andrew at the pool with an “unknown girl” to him at that time.

She was “young” and did not have any top on. “They were engaged in foreplay,” he added.

Virginia Roberts claims the Duke of York slept with her

In 2015, Virginia Roberts, now Virginia Giuffre, claimed that Prince Andrew slept with her three times. She reportedly added that she was also with the “madam,” Ghislaine Maxwell, who was a former lover of Jeffrey Epstein and an alleged “procurer” of minor girls.

Up until recent times, Virginia reportedly sticks to her accusations. She said that she had sex with the Duke of York when she was 17. 

There were also claims that these sexual encounters happened in both New York and London. He was a “participant” and an “abuser,” she said.

Jeffrey Epstein’s documentary series, Filthy Rich

The new witness, Steve Scully, continued to share several details about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein’s activities in the early 2000s. He also reportedly went on to assert that he saw several personalities, including Bill Clinton, at the late financier’s property.

Filthy Rich just recently dropped on Netflix. As reported, it is based on the book of the same title detailing Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case.

Despite the shocking claims, several experts, especially on Epstein’s camp, have argued that it makes everything questionable since it took the new witness, Scully, nearly two decades to break his silence. In the end, though, Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace have reportedly declined to comment.


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