Prince Andrew may need mercy of Prince Charles for this

There may be many changes for Prince Andrew if he ever returns to be a full-time working senior royal.

A royal expert revealed Prince Andrew might need the mercy of his brother Prince Charles if he would continue doing his royal duties.

Prince Andrew may need Prince Charles’ approval

Prince Andrew used to do what he wanted when it came to his work and charitable efforts. However, there might be a big chance that he would be under Prince Charles’ scrutiny if he would return to work.

“He will have to submit every plan and engagement to his brother first with no more direct recourse to the Queen,” Nigel Cawthorne told Express. “He won’t have his own staff anymore and will likely have to rely on Charles’s office for everything.”

Prince Andrew might even start to need the heir to the throne’s approval on everything.

To recall, the Duke of York officially stepped down from his royal duty in mid-November. At the time, he had a car-crash interview with Emily Maitlis on Newsnight.

After a few months, Buckingham Palace then removed his social media handles from the Royal Family’s official website. It also omitted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s now-defunct Sussex Royal Instagram page from the list.

Although the palace had yet to address the move, the publication noted it might be because of his changing status.

Cawthorne believed the removal suggested Prince Andrew’s future, despite remaining to be an HRH.

“It is nigh beyond doubt that the autonomy he enjoyed since 1982 has come to an irrevocable end,” he explained. “The Yorks’ social accounts were the last paraphernalia of Andrew’s royal independence, and the palace is signaling what lies ahead.”

Prince Andrew also had to give up some of his patronages and charities after his car-crash interview and controversial connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

Queen Elizabeth II will not heed the public’s request

Queen Elizabeth II seemed to have no plans to listen to the public protests against Prince Andrew.

She might continue her order to have the Westminster Abbey’s bells ringed out for her son’s 61st birthday next year.

In Westminster Abbey’s official schedule, it revealed the bell would ring on Prince Andrew’s birthday on February 21.

The public was shocked to learn about the schedule after last year’s backlash when Westminster Abbey’s bells rang on his 60th birthday.

“Although the Queen is the supreme governor of the Anglican church, she cannot tell the churches what to do on her own,” Cawthorne explained. “The exception is Westminster Abbey, which falls directly under her responsibility.”

Hence, it would be “a major sign of displeasure” if Queen Elizabeth would not ring the bell again for Prince Andrew’s 61st birthday.

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