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Prince Charles ‘ignores’ backlash, criticisms from ‘The Crown’


“The Crown” Season 4 appears to have painted Prince Charles in a bad light.

Prince Charles maintains the British Royals’ motto, “never complain, never explain,” amid all the controversies he is facing. Following The Crown Season 4’s arrival on Netflix, he seemingly remained focused on his duties and responsibilities as the Prince of Wales.

The Daily Express reported that he continues to “ignore” the apparent backlash due to the show’s portrayal of the members of the British Royal Family. He made an appearance on social media platforms earlier this week and carried on with his work.

Prince Charles and Countryfile’s “Plan Britain”

Prince Charles starred in the video teaser for Countryfile’s newest project, Plant Britain. The Clarence House’s official social media accounts released the material ahead of its formal launch on BBC One through the BBC Countryfile.

The campaign aims to plant 750,000 trees across the United Kingdom and focuses on tackling climate change. Reports said that the Prince of Wales supports the initiative, alongside other high-profile personalities, including Dame Judi Dence, model icon Twiggy, and Queen’s guitarist Brian May.

Clarence House disabled comments and replies

The post on Twitter obtained thousands of likes. However, no netizen could share a response or make a comment because the account does not permit it.

This first became public knowledge when Us Weekly released a report about the matter. Based on the previous posts made by Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, only the users who the Clarence House account follows are the ones who may reply and comment.

The publication said that the royal couple’s official account received a flood of comments filled with criticisms after The Crown Season 4 dropped on Netflix. The latest installment explored the Prince of Wales’ marriage to Princess Diana and affair with the then-Camilla Parker Bowles.

They have since obtained “hateful messages” from the public due to the show’s inconclusive portrayal of the Cornwall couple. Similarly, the royal-based series continues to receive criticisms from royal experts and palace insiders due to the “unfair” depiction of the characters.

The Crown Season 4’s controversial depiction

Digital Spy released a report last week, explaining what The Crown Season 4 has become quite controversial. Based on the analysis, the presence alone of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s characters makes it already buzz-filled material.

Also, the show fully dramatized the lives of the British Royals, causing many royal experts to react negatively. As explained, this has since impacted how the public perceives the British Royal Family, particularly Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla.

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