If Prince Charles dies before the Queen, these will happen

If Prince Charles dies before the Queen, these will happen

These things will most likely happen if Prince Charles passes away before Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles is serving the British Monarchy as the Heir Apparent, the Prince of Wales. He obtained these titles because he is the firstborn son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Being the Heir Apparent, it only means that he will succeed his mother, the Queen of the United Kingdom when she either abdicates or dies. But, what will happen if the next person in line to the British Throne passes away first?

When Prince Charles passes away

The British Royal Family has already preparations in place when a royal dies, according to Cheat Sheet. As claimed, there are specific sets of plans that the Firm will execute when a royal passes away, especially if it is the head of the British Monarchy.

Reports said that “Operation London Bridge” is the code name for when Queen Elizabeth II passes away. As for Prince Charles, the code name is alleged “Operation Menai Bridge.”

During the funeral, there will reportedly be a “moment of silence” across the nation and the Commonwealth countries. Sources also added that television programs will not air comedy materials “out of respect” for the British Royals.

When it comes to confirming the death, BBC will likely be the first network to release the news before the public, as per claims. However, some publications reportedly stated that there will be an allowance of a few hours before the news gets public.

Some of the details have remained undisclosed. But, sources are reportedly certain that the British Royals and palace officials already have concrete plans.

When Prince Charles passes away

The line of succession will remain the same

If Prince Charles, as the Prince of Wales, dies before his mother, Queen Elizabeth II will remain the head of the British Monarchy. As noted, the line of succession will not change, according to Insider. Therefore, Prince William will take his father’s place to become the Queen’s Heir Apparent, and not Prince Andrew, as opposed to what some people reportedly think.

Automatically, Prince William, being his firstborn son, will become the King of the United Kingdom after his grandmother. But, until the Queen’s passing, he will remain as the next person in line to the British Throne.

There are few things that will change, though, the reports added. As explained, the Duke of York will receive Prince Charles’ titles, including the “Prince of Wales” and his dukedom, the Duke of Cornwall. However, sources said that this will only happen when Queen Elizabeth II officially declares and passes it on to her grandson.


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