Prince Charles, Diana’s ‘secret daughter’ still contact with William’s dad

Prince Charles, Diana's 'secret daughter' still contact with William's dad

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were, reportedly, very close to one of their bridesmaids that’s why she was dubbed as their secret daughter.

According to New Idea, India Hicks had a tight relationship with the Prince and Princess of Wales. Following the death of Princess Diana, Hicks continued to forge a special relationship with Prince Charles, who happens to be her godfather.

India Hicks lives in the Bahamas

Hicks currently lives in the Bahamas. And she regularly posts photos of herself while basking under the sun at the beach.

She, reportedly, transferred to the Bahamas with her family to live a life that’s very different from what she was used to.

Prince Charles still talks to his goddaughter regularly

While speaking with the publication, royal commentator Phil Dampier said that Prince Charles and Hicks still talk to this day.

“Prince Charles has always had a soft spot for his goddaughter. Although India has lived in the Bahamas for many years, she keeps in constant touch with Charles and speaks to him often. They share the same sense of humor and he loves her free spirit. Charles will always be close to India,” Dampier said.

Prince Charles gives India Hicks hilarious cards 

Prince Charles gives India Hicks hilarious cards

In 2018, Hicks spoke with Town & Country about her relationship with Prince Charles.

She said that the heir to the throne was a remarkable godfather because he was caring, considerate, and involved. Hicks also revealed that Prince Charles sends her birthday and Christmas cards regularly. And the cards, reportedly, contain hilarious notes from the future king.

“Every birthday, every Christmas, a card and present would arrive from my godfather. To begin with, they were signed, ‘from your loving Godfather Charles’ then they became ‘your old Godfather Charles’ then ‘your ancient Godfather Charles,’” Hicks said.

Hicks was 13 years old when she became a bridesmaid for Prince Charles and Princess Diana. She previously said that she still remembers that day vividly in her mind.

“I clearly remember the moment Diana appeared at the top of the staircase. Everyone fell silent. The bride was radiant and ready to become the most famous of princesses,” she said.

Prince Charles love child rumors

Meanwhile, rumors that Prince Charles has a love child have been rife for years.

Earlier this year, Simon Dorante-Day, claimed that he is the love child of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.

Dorante-Day told Daily Mail that he’s just a man who’s looking for his biological parents. And he hopes that his parentage will finally be discussed by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and the other senior working royals.

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