Prince Charles enjoys TikTok amid COVID-19 lockdown in the UK?

Prince Charles enjoys TikTok amid COVID-19 lockdown in UK?

Is Prince Charles using TikTok to entertain himself amid the COVID-19 lockdown in the United Kingdom?

This has been the question posed by Page Six after revealing that the Prince of Wales has been watching “funny videos” online in the comfort of his own home in Birkhall. The revelation comes after Prince Charles’ praise for today’s technology as it allows everyone in their homes to continue communicating and working in the middle of the crisis.

The Heir Apparent has been staying in his property in Scotland with his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Earlier in March, the couple observed strict quarantine protocols as the 71-year-old prince contracted the novel coronavirus.

While the Duchess was not infected, she reportedly needed to observe much longer isolation since she was exposed to a person who had the virus. In the end, though, the Cornwall couple got through the quarantine period and has recovered since.

Prince Charles continues to work amid lockdown

Shortly after his recovery, Prince Charles went back to work. It is believed that he set up a virtual workplace in Birkhall to continue his duties and responsibilities as the next person in line to the throne.

Prince Charles continues to work amid lockdown

He opened the first and largest temporary hospital in the U.K., the NHS Nightingale, through a video link. This was also followed by the opening of the largest temporary hospital in Wales, the Dragon’s Heart Hospital.

It has appeared that despite the lockdown guidelines, the Prince of Wales has been able to carry out his duties with the help of technology. Just like the rest of the British Royal Family, the senior royal has been able to enjoy the perks and advantages of technology.

Prince of Wales praises technology for its benefits

In an article written by the royal, himself, and published by Country LifePrince Charles “applauded” the human spirit that has been emerging since the start of the pandemic crisis, especially in the United Kingdom. He also went on to emphasize the importance of “farming” and “nature,” as these aspects should not be “taken for granted,” which has been proven by the current crisis.

But, aside from these things, he also went on to praise the benefits of using technology amid the lockdown. He stated that this has allowed many people to work and communicate from their homes, and even provide entertainment for everyone, including himself.

While he mentioned that he has been enjoying “some of the funniest videos” in recent times, it was not stated which platforms he uses to access these clips. Although some have speculated that Prince Charles might be using the popular TikTok app, there is no clear indication that he uses it and even owning an account on the app.


Images (1) & (2) courtesy of Andy Gott/Flickr

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