Prince Charles: Future British Monarch’s favorite grandchild revealed

Prince Charles: Future British Monarch's favorite grandchild revealed

Prince Charles has two sons and four grandchildren.

Prince William and Prince Harry are Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s sons. Each of the royal siblings now has a family of their own.

The eldest Wales Prince tied the knot in 2011. Two years later, the British Royal Family welcomed the Prince of Wales’ first grandchild, Prince George.

To date, the next person in line to the throne has over four grandchildren. They recently welcomed his youngest grandchild, Archie Harrison, who’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first-born.

Royal experts believe that the future King of the United Kingdom has a favorite grandchild among the four, according to the Daily Express. While many have thought that this is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s eldest child, this is not, reportedly, the case at all.

Prince Charles and his favorite grandchild

The publication said that Prince Charles shares a tight relationship with the young royals, particularly his grandchildren. But, among the four, royal experts and analysts deemed Princess Charlotte as the future King’s “favorite.”

As revealed, the Prince of Wales shares a much closer relationship with the Princess of Cambridge than any of his other grandchildren. When Kate Middleton gave birth to her in 2015, the publication recalled how he spoke “publicly” about his excitement and “thrill” to welcome his granddaughter.

He said that he was hoping for it because he wanted someone who would look after him. While he revealed his reason behind, reports pointed out another possible reason.

Princess Charlotte is a “dream” come true

Princess Charlotte’s birth in 2016 reportedly made one of the Heir Apparent’s “biggest dreams” come true. This comes after recalling the revelation about his hopes of having a daughter of his own.

The late Princess of Wales once shared that her then-husband wanted two children, adding one of which must be a girl. She also alleged that Prince Charles had a strange reaction when she gave birth to Prince Harry. His “initial reaction” was “Oh God, it’s a boy,” she claimed.

Although many have since believed the claims of Princess Diana, the British Royals have never confirmed any of it even today. The same is also true in the matter of having a “favorite” grandchild.

Prince Charles, however, recently admitted how much he misses his grandchildren, according to The Sun. Amid the pandemic crisis, he revealed that he could no longer wait to give the young royals a “hug.”

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