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Prince Charles furious with Camilla for siding with Meghan Markle: Rumor


Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are, allegedly, facing problems in their marriage. And their issues, allegedly, involve Meghan Markle.

According to In Touch Weekly, Prince Charles has been feeling stressed lately. And Markle and Prince Harry’s shocking revelations with Oprah Winfrey have not helped.

To make things worse, Prince Charles also finds himself in between his two sons, who have, reportedly, been at odds with each other for years.

Camilla can’t stand Prince Charles mood swings

And due to all the stress, the heir to the throne couldn’t help but take it all out on his wife of 16 years.

A source told the tabloid that Camilla has been a wonderful support system for the future king. But after years of dealing with his mood swings and temper, she’s finally putting her foot down.

“He’s under so much stress that he’s been lashing out at Camilla over the smallest things, which she refuses to tolerate,” a source said.

The insider also claimed that the Duke of Cornwall didn’t want to celebrate his 16th wedding anniversary with Camilla last month. And he opted to change their anniversary plans at the last minute. This, allegedly, left the Duchess of Cornwall even more furious.

Prince Charles upset with how close Camilla is to Meghan Markle

One of the couple’s other issues, allegedly, has to do with Camilla’s close bond with Markle. What the public doesn’t, allegedly, know is that Camilla has been convincing Prince Charles to reach out to Markle for months now. But he, allegedly, refused to listen.

“She was always sympathetic to Meghan and urged Charles to make an effort with her and Harry when they were struggling. She’s annoyed he didn’t listen and still won’t. He refuses to make peace with his son, even though it could cause big problems for him as future king,” the source said.

The royal couple sleeps on separate beds

Things have, allegedly, been so bad for the couple that they are now sleeping on separate beds.

“They’ve gone through rough patches before and pulled through, but it’s pretty bad right now,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no proof that Prince Charles and Camilla have been fighting lately. If anything, they have been each other’s support system following Prince Philip’s death.

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