Prince Charles heads to US for a showdown with Harry, Meghan: Rumor

Prince Charles heads to US for a showdown with Harry, Meghan: Rumor

Prince Charles is, allegedly, heading to the United States to have a showdown with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

New Idea published the misleading headline about Prince Charles in its latest issue. The headline seemingly suggested that the future king will be traveling overseas to confront the Sussexes after their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Charles traveling to the US to meet Joe Biden, not the Sussexes

However, the tabloid is also the one that debunked their initial claims. After all, they said that Prince Charles won’t be going to the Sussex household during his trip.

Rather, he will be visiting Washington, D.C. to meet with President Joe Biden.

A source also told the tabloid that the heir to the throne will be heading to the US to have a conversation about the environment.

“It’s an issue that has always been close to Prince Charles’ heart. And he intends to focus on that during his trip,” the source said.

The tabloid then said that there’s still a possibility for the dad of two to visit Prince Harry and Markle while he’s in the US.

However, this decision would entirely depend on Queen Elizabeth because she is still the head of the monarchy.

Prince Charles has no plans  to meet Harry, Meghan

Prince Charles has no plans to meet Harry, Meghan

Yet again, the tabloid gave another side to their dubious claims. They said that it is also possible for Prince Charles to not talk to the Sussexes during this trip. After all, there are fears that he could get distracted from his real mission.

“He doesn’t want to be distracted by any Sussex drama and will likely decide against making the five-hour flight from Washington, DC to California. It goes to show how quickly the relationship between father and son is disintegrating,” the source said.

Prince Harry airs his grievances

During his interview with Winfrey, Prince Charles admitted that he is trying to repair his relationship with his dad.

The Duke of Sussex also said that he feels let down by his father because he didn’t stand up for him.

Prince Harry pointed out that Prince Charles must have known what it feels like to be judged since he went through the same thing after Princess Diana’s demise.

As of late, Prince Charles has not released a statement regarding the matter.

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