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Prince Charles homosexual rumors: Royal struggled to find a bride


Prince Charles, allegedly, struggled to find a wife because he is homosexual.

Prince Charles waited for three decades to find his bride, Princess Diana. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work. A phony report claimed that the Prince of Wales had a hard time finding a wife because he is gay.

Is Prince Charles gay?

In February last year, Globe published a report claiming that the future king had outed himself in a new British documentary that covered his marriage with Princess Diana.

The tabloid alleged that the heir apparent struggled to find a bride because he was concealing his homosexuality. Broderick Munro-Wilson said that the royal got frustrated that he could not find a woman to marry, so he asked himself, “shall I go gay?”

An unnamed source said that Queen Elizabeth II was furious that her son was at the center of a gay scandal. Furthermore, his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, was not happy about it either.

The Duchess of Cornwall was reportedly aware of Prince Charles’ gay life since their first meeting. However, he promised her that he would keep his “homosexual tryst” a secret.

Prince of Wales homosexual rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claim that Prince William and Prince Harry’s father is gay. According to the publication, the report was “fairly suspicious.”

Also, it mentioned a supposed 2016 scandal alleging that Prince Charles kissed a young hunk using a “photo re-creation” as evidence. The rumor-debunking site insisted that the picture was fake, and there was no actual evidence.

Why did the heir apparent struggle to find a bride

The Prince of Wales was already 32 years old when he married Princess Diana. In contrast to the report, the delay had nothing to do with the homosexuality rumors.

According to royal experts, Prince Charles has always loved Camilla. The heir apparently wanted to marry her, but the royal family disapproved of Camilla because they didn’t find her aristocratic enough.

Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son left for a naval business overseas, giving Camilla the chance to reconnect with her former beau, Andrew Parker Bowles. Camilla and Andrew tied the knot leaving the future king brokenhearted.

The prince started seeing other women until he met Princess Diana, the perfect royal bride. They married in 1981 but separated 11 years later.

Camilla and Andrew’s marriage also ended in divorce. As a result, Prince Charles and Camilla were given the chance to rekindle their romance.

The royal couple just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary.

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