Prince Charles ‘hurt’ as Prince Harry continues to publicize private matters

Prince Charles

Prince Charles gave his comments on Prince Harry’s shocking interview and documentary series.

After a long period of silence, Prince Charles spoke up about Prince Harry and his recent TV appearances.

The Duke of Sussex previously told Oprah Winfrey the strained relationship he has with his father. He even continued to speak up about his royal life on Apple TV+ The Me You Can’t See.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William already shared what they thought of Prince Harry’s moves. They even thought that the royal prince’s choices continue to harm the royal family.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales also left a comment, expressing how to hurt and disappointed he is by his youngest son.

Royal Prince ‘hurt’ because of son

Following the release of the Apple TV+ documentary series, True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen revealed Prince Charles’ reaction.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Bullen claimed that Prince Harry’s latest comments disappointed his father.

“It appears nothing is off limits now,” Bullen said. “[It’s sad] that their private family affairs are being aired in public yet again.”

The documentarian works on programs about the royal family. He also collaborates with Prince Charles for nearly eight years.

Meanwhile, another insider claimed that the heir to the throne is now boiling with anger.

“He wishes he’d just let it drop. The general consensus within the royal family is to ignore Harry’s behavior, to avoid fanning the flames, but Charles is finding it hard to hold back. He really wants to defend himself,” the source said, as quoted by Fox News.

The comments came after Prince Harry revealed that his father never made a move to stop the media scrutiny. He, reportedly, ended up suffering from his brother, Prince William.

Is Prince Charles unsupportive?

In a separate interview, Bullen expressed his beliefs about Prince Charles doing his job as a father.

According to the documentarian, the future King’s traits are far from what his son describes him to be.

“I have no doubt in my mind the man cares about his son,” said Bullen. “We’ve only really heard one side of the story. And so far, Meghan and Harry have won the PR war.”

The growing feud began when Prince Harry and Meghan left the firm and move to the U.S. The family currently resides in California where they expect to welcome their second child.

Featured image courtesy of Dan Marsh, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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