Prince Charles involved in Princess Diana’s death? Here’s Truth!


Prince Charles, reportedly, became part of the investigation surrounding Princess Diana’s tragic accident and death.

Years after Princess Diana’s death, a new revelation about Prince Charles and an alleged investigation emerged.

This week, former head of Scotland Yard John Stevens revealed to Daily Mail that he once interviewed Prince Charles. The probe was part of Operation Paget which was originally launched by the British Metropolitan Police in 2004.

It, reportedly, included a conversation about what Princess Diana wrote in 1995 regarding a scary note.

“My husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure, and serious head injury,” the note said. The late Princess of Wales alleged that her then-husband planned it so he could marry Tiggy Legge-Bourke – their children’s nanny.

Two years into the investigation of conspiracy theories, Prince Charles appeared for an interview at St. James’ Palace. His appearance came after the note became public in 2003.

Why Prince Charles sat for probe

According to Stevens, the allegations truly existed. However, he and his team needed to find the existing evidence before deciding to invite Prince Charles to the questioning.

He added that they did not find any other evidence which Princess Diana said. As a result, they did not set the Prince of Wales as a formal suspect.

Meanwhile, when he asked the royal as to why he thinks the late princess wrote the note, Prince Charles said that that he was not aware of it until it was published by the media.

The heir to the throne also remained clueless about what Princess Diana felt during those times.

“At the end of the day, he was incredibly cooperative because he had nothing to hide,” Stevens went on.

What Prince Philip did was the total opposite of what his son did. The late Duke of Edinburgh, reportedly, declined to take part in the investigation. Since the probe launched, he said nothing but the words, “No, thank you.”

When did Princess Diana write the note

The late princess, reportedly, made the note the same time she appeared in the famous BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir.

Apart from her note, a probe was also launched to look into the negative statements surrounding it. Former supreme court judge John Dyson led the inquiry and found out that Bashir used deceitful and fake statements to secure the interview.

After the new development emerged, Stevens said that they regretted how he and the officers failed to talk to Bashir.

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