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Prince Charles issues ‘crucial’ petition amid alarming COVID-19 pandemic


Prince Charles took another massive step to address the issues surrounding the country’s mishaps amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Prince Charles stood for the Britons as they fight against the coronavirus pandemic by appealing for urgent help.

The coronavirus pandemic already affected the lives of people all over the globe. In the U.K., specifically, people’s lives altered dramatically.

The U.K. is one of the red spots of the crisis. According to the warning included in the report by Resolution Foundation, they warned that the pandemic could increase the youth unemployment rate.

During that time, they expected it to be down to 640,000 this year. They created the data, although youth has a lower fatality rate than the elderly.

Prince Charles Took a Step vs. COVID-19

The Prince of Wales, for his part, penned an article for the Sunday Telegraph, where he unrolled The Prince’s Trust on the table. Per the royal prince, it could support young people who remain unemployed during the pandemic.

“Over all these years since the Trust was launched, there has never been an easy time,” he said. “However, there has never been a time as uniquely challenging as the present, when the pandemic has left perhaps another million young people needing urgent help to protect their futures.”

He said that the Prince’s Trust has been helping young people to find jobs and training. Thus, this keeps them confident and skilled despite facing the unemployment period.

Prince Charles also pledged that he and the Trust will unceasingly provide help to young people.

Current Lives of Students Across the U.K.

Prince Charles’ announcement came after reports about students being in a lockdown emerged. Moreover, the number of coronavirus cases across the U.K. has skyrocketed sharply in the past few weeks.

Per the BBC, authorities prevented some students from Manchester Met from leaving their accommodation. Meanwhile, Scotland-based students started avoiding cafes and restaurants after the sudden rise of cases in Glasgow, Dundee, and Aberdeen.

Furthermore, the Government banned socializing in groups of more than six. Public establishments are forced to close 10:00 PM.

They also started adding local restrictions in towns and cities, including Cardiff and Swansea.

This put over 1.5 million people — nearly half the population of Wales — will start living with extra cautionary measures.

The British royal family also did their part. Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, already paid visits to hospitals across the country.

The other members also released heartwarming messages to support the people and front liners.

Featured image courtesy of Michal Stránský/Wikimedia Commons

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