Prince Charles might destroy monarchy with horrible attitude

Prince Charles

When it comes to experience, Prince Charles already went through a lot to be deserving of the throne. However, his attitude as an heir to the throne already puts the monarchy in danger.

As the current longest-living heir to the throne, Prince Charles continues to train himself to become a great king after Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

Within the royal family, everyone follows the rule of how nobody should have a deep connection with politicians in any way. This puts the monarchy out of political problems as well as the public’s disapproval.

Unfortunately, Prince Charles has been failing to grasp this order that it became people’s reason why they do not want him as king.

Prince Charles’ Political Attitude to Destroy Monarchy

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Via @clarencehouse: The Prince of Wales has delivered a virtual keynote speech to launch the start of Climate Week NYC. 🌎 Run in coordination with the @UN, Climate Week brings together international figures from the private, public and philanthropic sectors to discuss climate action. ♻️Launched in Davos at the @worldeconomicforum in January, The Prince’s Sustainable Markets Initiative aims to support communities, businesses, investors and consumers to take the urgent and necessary steps required to transition to more sustainable practices. In June, His Royal Highness’s SMI and the World Economic Forum launched #TheGreatReset. The global initiative encourages us to ‘build back better’ through the rebuild, redesign, reinvigoration and rebalance of our world in the wake of Covid-19. Head to @clarencehouse’s Instagram Story to hear more of what His Royal Highness’s Initiative has achieved so far.

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According to constitutional experts, the way Prince Charles handles people’s concerns politically might cause the royal family’s downfall.

In Robert Blackburn’s book, “King and Country: Monarchy and the Future King Charles III,” he explained why destroying the neutrality could affect the monarchy.

“Of real constitutional significance was the fact that in 2005-6, it was acknowledged at the highest levels that the future King did take a stand on certain political matters and actively lobbied the government to try to achieve his aims,” he wrote.

Unlike Queen Elizabeth II, they now see him as a king with a lot of interventions in politics and government—which is not a good sign.

Prince Charles’ Actions Could Boomerang Soon

Meanwhile, the late Paul Flynn MP revealed to The Times the same sentiments and referred to his actions as suicidal.

“The only reason why the monarchy and the Queen are successful is that she has kept out of all political decisions, and the only way it can continue to survive as an institution is if the monarchy is seen to be above politics,”

If he would finally be the head of state, his irresistible interference might cause the monarchy to collapse.

Liberal Democrat Paul Holmes MP agreed and added that a monarch could only be one person—someone who is neutral or a politically active person.

Since Prince Charles has been politically active, he suggested that the monarchy could no longer be a monarchy under his reign.

Furthermore, he saw his actions as exploitation to his position as an heir.

With that said, Prince Charles makes the future of the monarchy and the royal family a little blurry.

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